June 2012

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Once you have made a final decision that you're ready to invest in a home you may not know where to get started if this is your first Calgary mortgage. Mortgages can seem almost threatening if you've never had to work with one before since they are a long-term commitment involving a lot of money. Here are a few basic things you should know about mortgages. The more you learn about them, the less fear there will be.

Your local bank

If you have a bank that you have been dealing with for years it makes a lot of sense to approach them first for a mortgage. If you have good credit and have been keeping up with your banking commitments, you may have a slight edge by dealing with your own bank. Sometimes when the answer could go either way between an acceptance or…
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Composting in Calgary has become more popular with every passing year as people turn to the green side. If the word “compost” still seems like a foreign word to you and you have no idea what it means, here is a quick overview of the process and how it is done.

What is composting?

Composting is a natural process of decomposing organic material. This material can either be from animal or plant sources. If you take a walk through the woods you'll see naturally occurring compost on the floor of the forest. All of this material will be consumed by different types of animals that range from large mammals all the way down to microscopic organisms. As a result, compost is formed that helps to create a soft rich soil.

It is easy to set up backyard composting that will…
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This summer you probably have a lot of goals that you want to accomplish including spending some quality time with your family. In order to keep your children amused and to give you some projects that you can do together, here are some fantastic ideas that you can use immediately. Look through the list to find the most interesting activities that both you and your children would love doing together. These ideas can also come in handy when you need some time to get things done and the kids are screaming "I'm bored!"

1. Make homemade play dough

It’s fun to make and only takes a few minutes to prepare. Your children can help you with the stirring as long as you are monitoring them.  For this recipe you'll need 4 teaspoons of oil, 2 cups of water, food coloring,…
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Do you want to make the most of your next Calgary garage sale? Now's the time to clear out your closets and hold the most lucrative yard sale ever. Use these clever tips below to increase your profits and sell more than you ever dreamed possible.

1. Hold a multi-family garage sale

Grab a few of your neighbors and get them involved in your garage sale as well. The more the merrier when it comes to yard sales. The more activity there is around the tables the better able you'll be to attract a huge crowd of buyers. When you have more than one family holding the sale, extra posters can be put up and there will be a lot of word-of-mouth advertising happening. If everyone that is participating is assigned a specific job, there will be less work involved as well.…
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It's time to pack up the gear and head to the cottage with the arrival of the warm weather. The Calgary beaches are calling and all you need to do is decide whether you want to rent a cottage again this year or whether it's time to make a purchase. Either way, the warm waters are awaiting your arrival and it's time to pack up the car and head out.

Buying a cottage

When you buy a cottage you'll have a lot more freedom. You'll be able to find the right style, perfect location and then you can fix it up to make it your own. If you're the type that absolutely needs to leave the city to get away from it all every weekend, buying a cottage would definitely be the right choice to make. Besides having the flexibility of working on the cottage to make it a dream…
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