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When you're looking through your Calgary real estate options you're going to be seeing two distinct possibilities to choose from:  carpeting in the home or hardwood flooring. While the decision will usually come down to personal preference, there are a couple things that you should be thinking about when you're looking through the homes.


If you have a young family or are planning on having one in the future you'll want to consider the costs of carpet cleaning. Kids will make accidents happen on the carpet, that's a guarantee, and from time to time you may need to call in a professional carpet cleaner for help. If you have pets you can expect minor occasional accidents as well.

A good carpet will usually last 10 years or longer with

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If you love sports and athletics get to know more about Calgary's athletic venues and where they're located. Along with the many pathways and walking trails scattered throughout Calgary, there are some well-known sporting facilities where you can get your athletic fill.

Stampede Park

Not only is this park used to host the Calgary Stampede every year but it's also where you'll find the Pengrowth Saddledome where the Calgary Flames play (assuming there is no lockout of course). You'll also find the major concerts happening at this venue.

McMahon Stadium

If football is your game visit the McMahon Stadium to see the Stampeders in action. This facility is close to the University of Calgary in the northwest section of the city.

Canada Olympic Park

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If you're thinking about putting your home on the market you may also be considering home staging. The question is, when should it be done? Should you just go ahead and put your home on the MLS® listings right away to get the ball rolling and then do the staging or should you be staging first? This is an easy question to answer and it will all make sense when you see the reason for it.

Stage your house first

There are going to be a lot of people looking at your house once it's put up on the listings. Most people these days are browsing through the MLS® on their computers at home looking for the right property. This is a very visual type of shopping and the words on the listing won't mean half as much as the pictures. When you get your home staged

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You're putting your Calgary home on the market and don't plan on moving for another few months. You're hoping for a quick sale so that you can get into the new place at record speed. Your agent tells you to get packing now and to put the storage boxes in your garage. You're thinking that it's too early to start packing now and that the agent must have been mistaken when he said it. Was he?

Going minimalistic

Chances are that your home right now is filled with personal objects that you have collected during the years. If you're like most people you have taken the time to personalize your home to make it your own. This doesn't mean that you have clutter lying on the floor in every room, it just means that you have taken the time to fill your home with

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You've been traveling around Calgary looking for the perfect home and have finally found it. Everything looks great from the basement to the second floor and you can just imagine you and your family living there for years. You look out the back window and the backyard looks impeccable with a lawn that looks like a picture from a landscaping brochure. You know that this is the house you've been looking for and head outside to get a closer look at that perfect backyard.

You stop in horror as you gaze into the backyard beside the home and see that it's something that should be included on the show about hoarders. It's a terrible sight with junk and clutter lying on a neglected yard with weeds growing helter-skelter at every angle. Your dream home has just been…
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You have decided on a property after countless hours of hunting and are ready to submit an offer. You feel great because you have finally made a decision and are confident about it. You let your real estate agent know that you want to make an offer and he lets you know that multiple offers may be coming in on this particular home. At this point it's time to learn how to make your offer look sharper than the rest so that you are the only one left standing once the offers have all been evaluated.

1. As a final offer

While you may be able to play a bit with offers on other homes, when you are submitting one for a home that is expecting more than one offer, you'll want to submit your best right at the beginning. There probably won't be much room for negotiations…
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To buy or not to buy a mobile home? It's a debatable topic and the answer all depends on your circumstances. In some cases it would be the wisest decision you could make and in some you would end up losing money. It's definitely something to look at though if you’re caught between saving for a down payment for a home and being stuck in the renter's market.

The first thing to understand is that a mobile home usually depreciates over time unlike a house. Think of a mobile home as you would a car and you'll get the idea. This can make owning a mobile an undesirable buying decision in many cases.

The one thing you need to realize, however, is that with the low cost of a mobile home comes an affordable monthly payment. In many cases the amount you'd have to pay…
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