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If you're like most people you want to help out area producers, farmers and suppliers as much as possible. Now, thanks to a new program in Calgary, you can do your part to help back up the people and companies that are working quietly in the background to put food on your table.

The founder and CEO of Localize, Meghan Dear, has initiated a new project here in Calgary that will show you what produce and other food items have been supplied locally. These products will be coming from Alberta and other parts of Western Canada and will be visibly recognizable on the grocery shelves next month.

There will be 24 Co-Op stores in the area participating in this new project including the ones in High River, Airdrie and Strathmore. There will be more than 400

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GIS Planning along with the Calgary Regional Partnership is making it easier for businesses around the world to find out all of the research information they need to make an informed decision about relocating to the city or investing in real estate here. Calgary's been on the radar for a lot of investors and companies in many different countries around the world that are searching for a good opportunity. Now they can access information at the touch of a button to find out more about this city and what it offers.

This site uses Geographic Information System Software that provides access to information including the following.

  • Industry breakdowns
  • Demographics (education levels, age, consumer spending, labor force etc.)
  • Real estate


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Calgary city is renowned for not only the beauty of its parks and recreational trails, but also for the quantity that the city holds within its boundaries. These parks are available to citizens of all ages and genders and can be used for all sorts of activities.

In Calgary, there are over 1,000 playgrounds for children. These parks outnumber the amount of parks for children in Toronto and even New York. Calgary also has spectacular hiking and recreation trails with approximately 750,000 kilometers of trail available for Calgary citizens to enjoy.

For hundreds of years residents here have held pride and pleasure in the beauty and maintenance of their parks. It has been a long standing tradition in Calgary for people to partake in afternoon social

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You've been taking all of your vitamins, washing your hands until they are raw and staying away from people that have been coughing and sneezing. You've done your best but you have still managed to come down with the flu. Sometimes life just doesn't seem fair - especially when you've been doing all the right things to stay healthy! Hold on though - things can get better! You can find somebody to blame for catching the flu and rest better knowing that it really wasn't your fault!

Of course, this is all in theory! There's a new app available on the market that will hunt down the people that you may have been associated with to find out who handed you these nasty germs. It's a fun game to play when you're lying down with a box of Kleenex by your side

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Most people really don't understand the difference between all-season tires and winter ones. With the cold and snow that we get here in Calgary, it's worth your while to find out more about the difference between the two and whether you should really take the time, energy and money to invest in a good pair of winter tires.

Taking a look at all-season tires

This type of tire was first introduced by Goodyear in 1977. It eliminated the hassle of having to switch between summer tires and winter tires with every change of season. It was a tire that could be installed and left on until the tires wore out and could be worn in any type of weather condition. It didn't take long before other tire companies followed the same model and started producing their own

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The Government of Canada is trying to get the message across to consumers that you need to tread carefully when you take out a mortgage. It has become much harder to get approved for a mortgage in Canada, especially with the new mortgage rules that were implemented last summer. This was part of an overall message that the government was trying to send out to potential mortgage owners. The idea is to be certain about your commitment before signing anything on the dotted line.

The Canadian Real Estate Association chief economist, Gregory Klump, agrees that the Canadian government is trying to get consumers to take a second look at the reality of getting a mortgage. This is especially true for first-time home buyers that tend to apply for mortgages with a…
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Nose Hill Park is one of the hidden treasures in Calgary. It's only about 15 minutes away from downtown and within the city limits. It is one of the only places in Calgary that you can visit to get away from it all without having to leave the city.

When you're ready to leave the hustle and bustle of city life for a while you can enjoy approximately 1,200 acres of pristine wilderness here overlooking Calgary with amazing views. Be sure to bring your camera since once you're on top of the hill you'll want to get some great shots. Discover the best view of downtown at the top or turn your head to the east to see the airport. You'll literally be able to see the planes taking off and landing!

This is the perfect place for everyone and their dog. It's an

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The National Real Estate Association along with Google have been working together to find out more information about home shoppers and how they use digital media to look for an apartment, a home that has been newly constructed or an existing home. A new report has been released showing some interesting facts about the importance of the Internet when it comes to shopping for a new home.

According to the report, 90% of the people buying a new home used the Internet to browse through the properties in their home search. With more and more people using their computer in order to hunt down the house of their dreams, the number of related searches increased 253% over the last four years on Google.com.

Potential buyers are heading online to not only search

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Have you been counting on your Calgary home to be your retirement nest egg? If so, here are a few things to consider. Recently the Bank of Montréal issued a report offering financial advice for people that are saving up for their retirement. This report contains a few interesting nuggets of information that you should know about.First of all, owning your own home is part of an overall financial plan that should be incorporated into your retirement goals. It should not, however, be the only source of retirement funding. According to Laura Parsons, a mortgage expert with the bank, 41% of Canadians consider their home equity to be their sole retirement supplement.

Baby boomers especially are putting a lot of weight on the equity of their home and this

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You know about the importance of landscaping your home before putting it on the market but what do you do about the outside during the winter? You still need to keep your home looking its finest for potential buyers that are coming to view your home and this includes not only the interior but the exterior as well. In order to keep your home "landscaped" for viewing during the winter, follow the recommended tips below.

1. Keep the driveway and walkway shoveled

You’ll want to keep up with your shoveling responsibilities better than ever when your house is on the market. If you shovel your own driveway and walkways you'll need to keep up with each snowfall. Don't let any snow accumulate when your home is listed - keep the driveway and walkway cleared

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