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If you have never taken out a mortgage before, or even if you have, there are certain questions that you need to talk to your mortgage broker or lender about in order to end up with the absolutely best home loan for your financial situation. There is, however, one question that stands out from the rest that you may not know about.

Can I get a lower rate?

This is the one question that you should be asking your mortgage broker that can help you potentially save thousands of dollars on your mortgage. In a recent survey conducted by the Globe and Mail that polled over 300 mortgage owners, 82% of them said that they were able to get a better rate when they asked this question. In fact, they were able to secure a rate that was better than the official

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There are a lot of benefits to owning different kinds of houses but today we're going to specifically look at the benefits of owning a bungalow. These are the types of homes that are perfect for people with mobility problems or for those that are looking for a home that they'll be able to reside in now and during their retirement.

1. When you have children...

There are certainly some situations that arise with children that can be put in the difficulty category. It's not always easy to raise kids and a bungalow can help with the child-rearing. Instead of having to clean multiple floors that have toys left out, finger marks on the wall and running taps that didn't always get turned all the way off once the hands were clean, you'll have everything to

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More and more people are creating a home office for their Calgary residential property as the numbers rise of work-at-home employees. Others just want to have their own space where they can retreat into a quiet area, work on their computer and have their paperwork neatly organized in one space. In order to create the perfect office for your home, here are a few tips to help you out.

Invest in a great seat

It doesn't take long to get uncomfortable in the cheaper types of office chairs that you can buy at a department store. It really is worth it to put some extra money into a proper office chair that will support your lumbar region and offers adjustable settings. If you have to skimp on the cost of the desk for now in order to afford a better seat,

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After a hard day of work how many people have the time or the energy to hit the gyms? If you have kids that need to get picked up from the sitters, you definitely won't be able to squeeze in time to work out into your hectic day. There’s still a way of exercising though and it's in the form of multitasking. When you're sitting at your desk you can create a few minutes to do a type of "desk workout" to help burn off calories.

Chair squatting

Sit at the edge of your seat and place your arms in front of your body on the desk. Ever so slowly pull yourself up until you are in a standing position and then lower yourself back to the chair. Do this a few times during the day and you'll start to see results quickly.

Take a good stretch

Not only will

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It's happening across the city of Calgary and across the country of Canada. Every day people are scurrying at the last minute to find their keys so that they won't be late for work. Other desperate people are lifting up the cushions on their couch searching for that elusive TV remote control that seems to have legs of its own and walks away at the most inopportune moments. Finally, there is a solution available in the form of a sticker that helps you track down your missing electronic gadgets and car keys that constantly and mysteriously disappear from view.

This new wonder is being presented by Stick-N-Find Technologies; a company is based in Florida. The stickers were shown at the largest trade show for cell phones in Barcelona Spain recently and it

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