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Using the right real estate agent can mean the difference between selling your home fast or having it sit on the market for months. It can also mean that a better deal gets struck at closing time that can potentially save you thousands of dollars. In this day and age, however, it's not just about finding a great real estate agent here in Calgary but one that is tech savvy as well.

The Internet has simplified the way potential home buyers search for their new properties. Driving around looking for "for sale" signs on the lawns or having to check back into the agent's office for follow-ups is no longer necessary. Today's consumer can browse through the listings on their own in the convenience of their home to find the next home of their dreams.

Tech savvy…
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When you look at the price of getting a home inspection, it's one of the best values you'll ever get in your entire lifetime. When you are purchasing a home you are taking thousands of dollars and putting them towards a down payment and then committing to pay thousands of dollars in the future in mortgage payments. With this amount of money on the line you should not be taking any chances with it. A home inspection takes all the guesswork out of your buying decision and gives you the security of knowing that your home is in good shape and will last for years.

You wouldn't buy a Porsche without test driving it first

That would just be silly. Before buying this type of high-end car you'd be sure to take it out for a test drive, kick the tires and look

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There are different elements to an offer that you submit for a home. Primarily there are 6 elements that make up an offer for a property that include the following:

The deposit

This is an amount presented with the offer that indicates good faith on your behalf for the offer that you are submitting.  If you end up with the property this amount will be applied to the sale price. There may be times when you'll want to supply a larger deposit in order to show the seller that you are very serious about buying this home and hope to have your offer accepted when there are various offers on the table.

The conditions

These are conditions that you set for the offer. An example of a closing condition could be: "subject to a successful home inspection".

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One of the biggest decisions you are going to have to make when you are looking for a mortgage is whether you will opt for a variable or a fixed rate mortgage. This is one single decision that can either cost you or save you thousands of dollars over the term of the home loan. While a variable rate mortgage has generally turned out to be cheaper than its fixed rate counterpart in the past, today's low interest rates make the real estate market quite different from what it was in earlier years.

Right now there is a very low spread between variable and fixed rates and it's not too realistic to consider a downtrend occurring with these low rates. In the past a variable rate mortgage had many advantages but this just may no longer be the case.


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Investing with partners in real estate can be tough. There are many things that need to be discussed in detail before heading into a partnership with anybody. These types of discussions will then translate into contracts on paper that will protect you from expensive accounting or legal fees down the road. If you are getting into a partnership with a family member, these things can also save a relationship!

Who is going to be responsible for the major decisions?

While there are going to be a lot of small decisions to make that could easily be handled by either partner, key decisions must be made at times and you'll need to have it worked out who gets to make them. It doesn't really matter whether one person is fully responsible for the big decisions

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As the age of technology continues to make progress so do the criminal techniques used to steal identities. This identity theft can include any type of personal information including account numbers, your social insurance number, your bank account information, credit card numbers etc. The purpose of collecting this information is to commit some type of unlawful activity like theft or fraud.

Once you have become a victim of identity theft it can take months to get everything put back together again. You'll have to close down bank accounts, get new credit cards, fix up your credit rating if it has been affected and a number of other things in order to clear your name.

Here are some of the common practices used by thieves in order to collect your

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This is one of the first things that needs to be defined when you're thinking of purchasing a condo here in Calgary. Many people don't really understand what your ownership rights are when you purchase a condominium apartment and that is the first thing that you should fully understand before going ahead with the purchase.

Understanding what the unit is

When you own a condo unit you receive a title for it and you also jointly own common property along with other condo owners in the building. It's completely different from an apartment rental where the responsibilities and duties of running and maintaining the complex are the responsibility of the owner. As an owner you share in a part of this responsibility along with all of the other co-owners.

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Brad Lamb  is the founder of Lamb Development Corp. and he has a unique battle plan for acquiring wealth through condo ownership. It's really an interesting concept that could put a lot of people in the driver's seat when it comes to financial control and wealth.

The Lamb Development Corporation is responsible for having developed approximately $1.3 billion worth of condominiums in cities across Canada. He is not a strong advocate of counting on private or public pension plans or retirement savings or retirement savings and feels that you can get much further ahead through condominium investments instead.

Brad Lamb's strategy

According to Lamb, you'll only need $20,000 to get started. You purchase a small condo that you also use as your primary residence.

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The latest findings on the Sun Life’s Canadian Unretirement Indexshowed that less Canadians than ever before are expecting to retire when they are 66. In fact, this number has gone down by approximately 50% when compared to the numbers that were expecting to retire at this age in 2008.

Only 27% of the Canadians polled expect to retire by the age of 66 while 26% believe that they'll still be working a full-time job when they're this age. As far as part-time employment goes, 32% can see themselves working part-time hours when they reach this golden age.

Of the Canadians that expect themselves to be working past the age of 65, 37% think they will continue because they want to work while 63% believe that they'll be in a position where they’ll need

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Some of the homes in the hottest Calgary neighborhoods are being inundated with multiple offers. If you're interested in a home and are considering putting in an offer for it you’ll want to find out how to handle the issue of multiple offers so that you have a better chance of ending up with the home you really want.

Get on a real estate agent’s list

One of the first things you should do is connect with a real estate agent and get put on his list immediately. This will mean that you'll be able to see the new listings faster than many others. In some cases the sellers will be looking through the offers as they come in while at other times they may set a specific date for going through them, which is commonly a week after the home has been put on the

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