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If you're planning a move to Calgary here are a few things you may want to know about the city first. Like every other metropolis, Calgary has its own heartbeat and structure. Ask almost any Calgarians though and they'll tell you that they absolutely love it here and would never think of moving anywhere else.The city has quadrants

Not all big cities are broken down this way but Calgary sure is and it's something you have to quickly get used to. You'll often hear residents talking about the northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest districts and once you've lived here a short while you'll get to know all the boundaries. You'll be able to conjure up a mental picture of the area being described without even thinking about it.

Instead of having to learn all…
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If you have decided to relocate during your retirement years there are a few factors that you'll need to consider first. You're probably going to be spending some years, if not the rest of your life, at your new location so you’ll want to make sure that you choose it well.

Take time to make your decision

Don't just jump in and decide too quickly that you want to move to a certain location. Get to know the neighborhood or city you're planning on moving to. If it's within the city you currently live in, learn more about the community and the types of amenities and services around it. If you're planning a move outside of the city, take a vacation to the destination of your choice and spend some time there to learn more about the different neighborhoods

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If you are ready to retire your lawnmower there's a group here in Calgary that can help you set it to rest while providing you with fresh vegetables right from your own property. This group is called the Leaf Ninjas and it is composed of three friends that had an idea that blossomed. They wanted to start up a local business growing produce but needed land to do it on. Their idea was to find homeowners that would be willing to start up a vegetable garden in their yard that the three would maintain. The idea was formed and took off like a bullet.

Dave Carlton is one of Leaf Ninjas' co-founders and loves his job. He is able to show people how they can get connected back to the origins of food growth to have access to food that is clean and grown right in their…
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Before you decide to allow viewers inside your Calgary home, you’ll want to make sure that there are certain things that are hidden from view that potential buyers won't see when they are in for a viewing. Someone that is serious about your home may want to open the drawers to make sure that they slide easily and to get a good idea of how much room is inside each one of them. If you have a kitchen drawer full of private papers, you may want to move them to another spot while your home is on the market.

The same goes for cupboards. Serious prospective buyers will be opening every cupboard to take a peek inside. While you probably are only storing food items and kitchen items inside your cupboards, there may be one cupboard that has been set aside for

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Yes, you read that right. Calgary has been given the honour of being the cleanest city in the world. That's a pretty big distinction that recognizes the huge strides that Calgary has taken throughout the years to keep the streets litter-free and the rivers sparkling clean.

The award for the cleanest city comes from a study conducted by Mercer Global Financial and HR Consulting that ranks cities based on the following five factors:

  • Traffic congestion
  • Sewage system quality
  • Waste removal
  • Air pollution
  • Water drinkability and availability

In 2007 the province of Alberta initiated a program called Too Good To Waste, which had the goal of lowering the waste heading to landfills. A lot of emphasis was given to recycling building

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White is the overwhelming color you'll see on window frames everywhere - but it doesn't have to be that way. White first became popular during the Victorian times. Since the windows were so small, the white frames made them appear to be larger. With the size of windows as they are now, the white frame is no longer a necessity.

You can now purchase windows on the market with different frame colors. There is new technology that has been put together to handle the peeling and fading issues. If you're thinking about painting your wooden window frames this year, you might want to consider something other than white.

The window frames can be used to create a completely new and unique look to your home. They can add a contrasting color that complements

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Astronaut Chris Hadfield has accepted an invitation to be the parade marshal at the Calgary Stampede in 2013. Mr. Hadfield will be ending his 5 month mission on the International Space Station on Monday and will get his feet planted firmly back on earth again.

The speculation started on Wednesday evening during an exchange between the Calgary Stampede and Mr. Hadfield on the social media site Twitter. Stampede organizers asked him what he would think of sitting on a saddle at full gravity to which Mr. Hadfield replied that he'd be willing to ride anything that goes slower than 8 km per second.

Later, on Thursday, an invitation was extended to Mr. Hadfield from Bob Thompson of the Calgary Stampede asking him if he'd like to be the parade marshal for

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