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Before the flooding began, Calgary's vacancy rate for rental units was sitting at a low 1.2%. With the flooding, the rate is going to go down as close to zero as it can get. This raises the issue of secondary suites and whether they should be allowed to be set up during this housing shortage.These housing units provide a separate entrance, bathroom and kitchen to the occupants. This would certainly provide Calgarians with an option for affordable housing especially now when the need is so great. While it is legal to set up one of these suites here in parts of the city, the red tape that you have to go through to get one legally accepted is offsetting for most people.

While safety definitely needs to be ensured as a priority, there are so many different

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While it's quite apparent that the flooding in Calgary will affect the local economy, economists are predicting that the Canadian economy will also be damaged by the catastrophe. It's hard to measure just how long-lasting and widespread these economic hits will be nationwide but it's easy to say that these floods will cost Calgary billions of dollars.

BMO Capital Markets estimates that the losses due to the flooding are expected to be at least 10 times more than the losses that were seen during the 2005 floods, ranging anywhere from $3 billion up to $5 billion in direct losses. This is not to mention the effect that it will have on other industries including tourism and retail sales.

The gas and oil companies are coping well and production hasn't

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With all those the flooding that's been occurring in Calgary there are going to be a lot of people that are returning to damage basements. Before calling in a basement renovator, you'll need to make sure that your home is safe to live in. In most cases after severe flooding has occurred, you'll need to call in a water damage restoration company in Calgary to get the area dried out as fast as possible.

These companies have high speed fans that can quickly dry out walls and furniture. They also have powerful vacuums that can pull out the majority of the water from your carpeting before fans are placed on it. Usually water damaged rugs and carpeting can be saved but the restoration company will let you know for sure whether they are salvageable once they…
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 Home renovations can seem like a confusion when you're first getting started. There are plans to make, a budget to be drawn up and professionals to consult. When you're ready to go with your new renos, here are some of the biggest mistakes that you'll want to avoid.

1. Not hiring professionals for certain projects

There may be certain things that need to be done in your home that require the expertise of a professional. For example, you won't want to use a handyman to work on your electrical or plumbing systems. Most handymen don't carry insurance and if anything should go wrong you'll be liable for it. While plumbers and electricians are expensive and charge a high hourly rate, the reason why they can ask for these types of prices is they are

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Before you start any renovations on your home keep in mind the potential value that they can add to it. All renos are not created equally when it comes to adding value to a property. In order to make sure that you’re adding to your home's resale value, you should find out first what renovations will provide the best return on investment.

Focus on the kitchen

You've heard the saying that a kitchen can sell the home and it is so true. Approximately 10% to 15% of your home's overall value should be spent in the kitchen area. Depending on the renovation quality, spending more on it now will give you a higher recapture rate when it's time to sell. Buyers are looking for low maintenance, spacious kitchens with a timeless appeal and higher-end features.

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Get ready for the mosquito season in Calgary - the mosquitoes have arrived with the recent rain. Up until yesterday, you could walk out of the house without having to worry about the mosquitoes paying a visit but things have changed overnight.

The mosquito season here in Calgary was expected to be moderate according to experts in the area due to May's dry weather. Then the rain began and the mosquitoes apparently had a different plan to follow.

Larvae are being treated in Cochrane and all areas of Calgary and officials are asking residents to look for any standing water that may be on their property and to do their best to get rid of it. It's also a good idea to cover up - especially when you are heading out during the dusk or dawn hours, to avoid

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You get a call from your real estate agent informing you that a very interested potential buyer wants to look at your home and needs to know whether you could you be available in an hour. You have done your best to keep your home looking clean and tidy for these types of impromptu visits but your dog doesn't seem to be cooperating at all. It's spring time and he is shedding his fur like crazy all over the house, the furniture and your clothes! It's an endless task of trying to handle the fur that you can see flying through the air as soon as you start to sweep or dust. Here are a few suggestions to help you keep the fur to a minimum, especially when your home is on the market during shedding season.

Keep a lint roller handy

Stock up on some lint

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We've all had to deal with it at one time or another - the annoying neighbor! Sometimes it's only a minor annoyance that is bothering you while at other times it can turn into a full out legal battle. Either way, here are some guidelines you can take a look at that may help you when you're dealing with a neighbor that's causing you some grief.

The do nothing about it attitude

In some cases you may want to relax, take a deep breath and do nothing about the situation that's bothering you. If it's something minor and trivial but it's just a slight annoyance, you may want to just let things slide by. On the other side of the fence, your neighbors may be slightly annoyed with some of the things that you do as well. Sometimes it all comes down to compromise - just…
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