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Self-employment has become a lot easier these days thanks to new technology. More and more employees are finding themselves at the other end of a telecommuting job that provides incredible benefits such as less time commuting, a flexible schedule and more time to spend with family. It's not unusual for a person in Calgary to spend at least a half an hour traveling to work and then another half hour fighting the traffic to get back home. This is an hour of the day spent in travel time that could be much better used on other things.

In order to get the most out of your work from home routine, here are a few tips that you can use to free up even more time by keeping yourself focused and on the job.

Create your own space

It's hard to work with all of the…
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One of the problems of living in a big city is breathing in the pollutants that can be found in the air. Here in Calgary, we don't have as big a problem as other major cities in the world but it's nice to know that there are new tiles that can absorb the pollutants to leave us with fresher air to breathe.

New tiles for buildings

These pollutant-absorbing tiles are called prosolve370e and when you look at them you'll see that they resemble coral or honeycomb. The tiles are white and stay the same colour over time. Even though these tiles are sucking up the pollution in the air, they don't tend to change colour and are actually self-cleaning.

These tiles work with a titanium dioxide coating and have been designed by Elegant Embellishments, a design company in…
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Some people spend a lifetime trying to get all their ducks in a row while other people just plunge in and try to keep swimming while keeping up with their mortgage payments. Both of these situations come with their own set of pros and cons and somewhere in between the two lies the answer to getting into home ownership.

Some people wait for the real estate market to be perfect so that they can buy low and sell high. With today's Canadian real estate and Calgary market, this scenario is going to be a lot harder to find that it used to be.

Real estate in this country continues to be a stable form of investment opportunity, and while the deals are certainly out there for savvy investors, most people that are just looking at their home as a form of investment…
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It's important to keep your home as clean as possible when you have it up for sale on the Calgary market. You probably already have a lot of pride in your property and try to keep it as tidy and as clean as you can. With pets and kids in the house, however, this can be a full-time job that you really can't keep up with all the time.

Here are some of the services that you may want to consider using while your home is listed to keep it as marketable as possible:

House organizer - There are professional organizers that will come into your home and get everything organized for you. This can cut down on a lot of clutter and you may end up throwing out or giving away a lot of your unused items that you didn't even realize you had stored.

Housecleaning - You can…
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Calgary is well-known from one end of the country to the other for its wealth of job opportunities and overall prosperity. What's not so known is the beauty that can be found both on the inside and on the outskirts of the city. There are many reasons why you'll want to make Calgary your home in the upcoming future.In this city you'll be able to purchase a home surrounded by lakes, hills and green trees. While all of this natural beauty surrounds you, you'll still have all the amenities you need within a walking or short driving distance.

In the northwest part of Calgary, just above the Bow River, you'll be able to find a home with a view of the Rocky Mountains. This is a hilly part of the town containing 60 vibrant communities that also offer views of the…
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We've all seen them - real estate seminars that promise you'll make thousands of dollars from investing in real estate. A lot of these seminars will cost you thousands of dollars just to attend or you may find cheaper ones that only cost you hundreds. These are real estate investment courses that will give you more insight into real estate investment and how to make the most of it.
The problem with most of these seminars

The vast majority of these seminars are designed to pique your interest and get you motivated in real estate investing and then offer a course at the end of it to teach you more. In some cases there will be actual physical properties available that you can sink your money into right after the seminar is over.

During the seminar you may find…
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One of the tricks of putting your Calgary home for sale in the market is making sure that it is advertised without any feeling of desperation in the ad. An agent will have to place your listing in a way that shows that you are in control of the sale and not desperate in any way - even if you are!

The type of ad that runs will attract the kind of buyer that it attracts. For example, there are some people that are looking for desperate sellers so that they can send in a lowball offer hoping that it gets accepted just based on the desperation alone. These are not the types of people that you want to have responding to your listing. You're looking for people that are willing to pay a reasonable amount based on the home's value and not on the people that

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