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It's New Year's Eve and chances are good that you are either already celebrating or planning on heading out soon. It's a great night to celebrate the past year and to look forward to the future ahead. In order to make sure that you enjoy a safe evening, here are just a few common sense tips that you should remember to follow.

Pace your drinking

If you're planning on consuming some alcoholic drinks this evening try to pace yourself so that you can still enjoy the party. Drinking too much too fast will simply leave you on the floor. As well, you'll be a lot better off if you can alternate drinks containing alcohol with non-alcoholic beverages such as juice or water. This will help to keep you hydrated.

Your travel plans

Of course, it goes

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The waters were frigid as the swimmers took the plunge this year for the 4th annual Polar Bear Dip 2013 in Calgary. Just about 2 dozen brave participants headed over to Discovery Ridge to take in the icy cold water and then enjoyed all of the bragging rights that went along with it. The 2014 Polar Plunge is just around the corner and the question is do you have what it takes to jump in?

If you're up for the action you'll want to go to Discovery Ridge in the southwest part of Calgary at 1 PM sharp on January 1. There is a pond there that's perfect for a quick plunge in the middle of winter. It's a revitalizing swim, that's for sure, but it's definitely not something to be considered by the faint of heart. You'll need to have a lot of strength and

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It can be quite overwhelming to make a move but there is one certain thing you can do to make things roll along a lot easier! By de-cluttering your home you'll have a faster move that's much more organized. Never underestimate the power of getting rid of some stuff!

Organizing versus moving

A lot of people get mixed up and try to organize and move at the same time. This is never a good idea since you can easily get quite confused during the process and end up giving up. Organizing and moving are 2 completely different things and it's important to get the organizing done before the move starts. Doing the move and the organizing together can cause a lot of moving stress.

Getting organized

Before proceeding onto the packing stage of the game,

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At you'll find a one-stop shop of all the best locations across Calgary to see Christmas lights. You can map out a route to follow to take in the best lights that the city and its residents have to offer.

When the kids are getting overanxious about the holidays and the whole family could use a break, consider packing everyone up in the car to go look at the fantastic lights across Calgary. When you go to this website you'll be able to find the best lights in various neighbourhoods across the city. There is an interactive map there that you can use to find the best selection of lights in any given area.

There are even a few listings for Airdrie, one for Cochrane and one listing in Chestermere but as of yet there's nothing

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If you own rental property you have probably had to deal with a few bad tenants from time to time. While you do your best to screen all at the rental applications as best you can, there are going to be some people that slip through the cracks and become your bad tenants. Here are a few tips to help you deal with things rationally before your temper rises above the boiling point:

1. Make sure that all your paperwork is in order

Before even dealing with a tenant, make sure that you have all of the up-to-date paperwork on them. You should also print out any messages and emails that you've had with the tenants since they can be used as court documents. If necessary, you can also talk with neighbours and have them sign a statement regarding the troubles

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It's certainly a busy time of year but that doesn't mean that you have to put off your home selling efforts during the holiday season. Even though you need to have your home prepared for a viewing at a moment’s notice, it's still worth all of the time and effort you put into it if you end up getting a holiday sale out of it.

People are still looking for homes during the holidays

While it's true that most people aren't going to be actively looking for a new home during the Christmas holidays, there are still plenty of others that are still shopping around. Many potential homebuyers don't celebrate Christmas while others that do celebrate this holiday are desperate to find a home.

Some people are in the middle of relocating and need to find

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Instead of picking up a Christmas tree in a retail store parking lot this year, why not go out and chop down your own? This is a great way to get some fresh air and do some family bonding at the same time. Plus you'll end up with the freshest tree available!

Alberta Sustainable Resource Development

You can cut down a tree in an approved forest area on Crown land with a permit. It only costs $5.25 for this permit that allows you to chop down up to 3 trees. These trees must follow certain height restrictions but apart from that you're able to pick any one you want within a certain area. The permit is available online or at selected ESRD division offices.

Alberta Junior Forest Wardens

The Forest Wardens have a special cutting area for Christmas

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The winter has started with a crazy vengeance and it looks like this year winter tires will be needed more than ever. Some years it's easier to get away with all-season tires on a vehicle but it doesn't look like this is going to be one of those years!

The difference between winter tires and all-season tires

All-season tires provide good performance in all seasons but aren't really suitable for severe winter driving conditions. Winter tires have tread patterns that channel through the tire, rubber compounds that are designed for cold weather, a tread with open patterns that help with traction in the deep snow and tiny slits that help control the vehicle on wet surfaces.

Once the weather hits about 5°C or lower, an all-season type of tire doesn't

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It's often difficult to keep emotions in check when you have to sell a home due to a divorce. While selling any home can be an experience that's riddled with emotion, it can definitely be harder to sell a home with all of the attached emotions when a relationship has ended.

Legal advice

It's imperative to get the best legal advice possible whether you're going through a simple or a complex divorce. You need to find out what your options are and then take the time to look through them to come up with a final decision about the home. If things are getting too emotional, you may want to talk to a neutral person about your choices.

Finding a real estate agent

If 2 people are separating and it's agreed that the home will be sold, a real estate

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