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The SAM Awards were held again this year in Calgary with many proud companies walking away with an award. This year, Morrison Homes once again won the prestigious Builder of the Year award. It's the 11th year that this company has walked away with the crown of glory.

Morrison Homes was awarded the status of Builder of the Year for 10 years in a row from 2001 to 2010. In 2011, Jayman MasterBUILT won the award while the winner last year was Calbridge Homes.

These sales and marketing awards are presented by the Calgary Region - Canadian Home Builders' Association. They recognize excellence and innovation in the residential sector of the construction industry across the Calgary area.

It's a competitive industry and these types of awards keep

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It's a summer full of concerts in Calgary this year as Reba McEntire signs up to perform at the Calgary Stampede, the Backstreet Boys perform in a Saddledome show and Fleetwood Mac, along with Christine McVie, book a concert date.

Reba McEntire

Reba McEntire will be wrapping up the 10-day Calgary Stampede on July 13 and it's expected that tickets will sell out very quickly for this event. Tickets are available at and range in price from $39.99 up to $165.50. These prices do not reflect service charges. Reba will be joining other country stars including Keith Urban who is scheduled to perform on July 12 and Shania Twain that will be appearing on July 9th and 10th.

Reba McEntire is a member of the Country Music Hall Of Fame and

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If you're saving for retirement, how much money would you actually have to put away in order to retire quite comfortably with $1 million? It certainly is a good goal to shoot for since it's basically a guarantee that we will have to deal with inflation during our lifetimes.

The amount of money that you have to put away would definitely depend on how early you start saving. If you're starting out at the age of 20, which would be a wise thing to do, you would need to put away about $360 monthly into an investment that pays a 6% return rate per year. If you're starting out at the ripe age of 25, you'd need to pay approximately $500 monthly.

The amounts grow if you decide to start saving at an older age. Fortunately, when you start young you can

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Chromotherapy is a fancy word for colour therapy and it is being incorporated into many decorating and decor themes nowadays. The underlying theory behind this type of decorating therapy is that colours will help to balance a person's energy to make them feel better. This type of therapy using colours can help on a mental, emotional and physical level according to the experts that use it.

For example, if you paint or decorate with the colour red in one of your rooms, it can stimulate and energize you. On the other hand, this colour can also raise your stress levels and make you feel like you are caught in a dangerous environment. If you want to stay relaxed and positive, grey is a neutral colour that you may want to consider working with.

For many

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Sometimes it doesn't take very long for a small dispute to escalate into something much, much bigger. When it has reached the boiling point, you may think about suing your neighbor. After all, it does seem to be the thing to do on the prime time court shows! The problem is that you don't get a chance to see what happens afterwards on the shows when the neighbours have to go back home and live amongst each other again!

Before taking things to court, try to work things out diplomatically. If you can't resolve things between the 2 of you, it may be a good idea to call in an unbiased third party to help. Anything that you can do to avoid a court case will be better than dealing with the aftereffects of suing your neighbour. You never know how anybody will

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Before searching for a new home in Harvest Hills Calgary there are some things you should know to get prepared for the process. It just involves a few simple steps and then you'll be ready for the home buying process that will get you over the mountain and ready for the final purchase.

Be self disciplined

This is a time when you're going to have to pull all of your self-discipline out of a hat and apply it. Figure out a budget that you can really afford for your Brentwood luxury home and stick to it. When you apply for a pre-approved mortgage, the bank may approve you for a higher mortgage than what you can really afford. You need to figure out for yourself how much of a down payment you can make, how much you can afford for your monthly

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Climb the stairs of the Calgary Tower this year on April 26 to help a good cause and to have bragging rights. This year, there are new images to be seen during the climb. The staircase has been painted with murals by amateur artists to help encourage people as they climb. It's expected that these motivating murals will be finished in time for the Climb and Run for Wilderness.

This is the 23rd year of the climb that celebrates Earth Day. It's an event that attracts people from all parts of North America and includes babies that are carried in backpacks all the way up to seniors that are 93 years old. Last year, 1,500 participants registered for the event and there were also supporters on hand to keep them encouraged.

Past athletes that have

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If you're just starting out as a real estate investor or are thinking about investing soon in the Calgary market, here are the top 5 investing tips you should know. These are the factors that will ultimately determine your profits and help you become a successful investor.

Compare the rent to the property value

Find out what the going rents are in the local market before investing in a rental building. You'll need to make sure first that the rents will be able to support the income you require to maintain the building and make the mortgage payments. It would also be nice to have some extra change in your pocket at the end of the month from your rental income.

Consult a tax adviser

In some cases you can actually end up losing money when you

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On March 1, 2014 the ROAR award festivities took place to celebrate the hard work and talent of real estate agents in the Calgary area. Agents were recognized for their dedication, excellence and professionalism for their mentoring, careers and contributions to the community.

There were 5 categories for the awards that included commitment to education, People’s REALTOR®, marketing excellence, mentorship distinction and community impact. The event also included MC Jon Montgomery, who won a 2010 gold medal in the Olympics in the skeleton event and is now the host of Amazing Race Canada.

These are prestigious awards that identify the recipients as true professionals in their field. This year, there were two nominees from CIR Realty in the mentorship

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