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The growing trend for floor-to-ceiling windows in condos is causing a bit of concern. While they are definitely aesthetically pleasing, they may not be sustainable for the long term.

According to the building code of Alberta, regular walls must have an insulation value of 20. There are no installation requirements, however, for windows. This means that a developer can put in windows that have any value. Sometimes the window walls have only 2 glass panes and an insulation value of only 2 - 3.

There can also be problems with moisture penetration due to cooled surfaces inside. When a person boils liquids on the stove or takes a shower, the moisture tends to condense on the cold window surface. This moisture builds up then runs down the window and

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The lineup for the Calgary Folk Music Festival 2014 has been unveiled. The music styles run from folk to alternative country with just about everything in between. The headliners for the show include Bruce Cockburn, Andrew Bird and The Hands of Glory, Rufus Wainwright, Amos Lee, The Jayhawks, Seun Kuti, Fishbone, Matt Andersen and more!

The event takes place at Prince's Island Park from July 24 to July 27. Some of the headliners that you'll see performing and their festival dates are listed below:

  • On Thursday come out to enjoy Hey Rosetta! along with Andrew Bird and the Hands of Glory.
  • Friday's performances include Amos Lee, Rufus Wainwright and Fishbone
  • The performances on Saturday will headline Patty Griffin and Bruce Cockburn
  • The
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If you find that the 9 to 5 stress of working a job day in and day out is getting to you, think about redoing your home in peaceful hues. Sometimes the urban life can get quite overwhelming and it's nice to have a restful place to return to at the end of the day.

Earthy tones can help bring nature into a home in a relaxing way to help nurture a body and mind that are overstressed. Most people find that the colours in nature bring a certain calming harmony into the household. When you're working with subdued tones, it can resonate with your appreciation for nature and everything that goes along with it.

In order to figure out the best tones and hues that would personally inspire you the most, imagine yourself in a part of the world where you'd

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You'll hear a lot of older people telling young adults "If I would have planned things differently this is what I would have done". When you start looking at the advice that is being given, there are at least 5 common suggestions being made. If you're a young adult, you'd be wise to listen to some of the advice that you are being given so that you can strategically plan your finances for the future.

1. Start saving - now!

Even if you only have $5 that you can put into a savings account per week, start doing it. It will at least put the intention into place and get you started. Then, you can begin looking at ways of increasing your savings as you go along.

2. Purchase a home

Although it can be difficult to actually purchase your first

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If you're looking at condos you'll have a wide selection to choose from in Calgary right now. While some of these condominiums will be located on the top floor, some will be situated in the middle or on the ground floor.

Some people love the idea of grabbing a ground floor unit and feel that they have found a prize when they find one available. Quite often, there will be a patio door or a regular door that leads right into the condo from the outside. This means that you can directly bypass going through the front area of the building and just head right into your unit.

Sometimes a ground floor condo unit will come with a balcony. In some cases a patio door leads to the balcony and you may or may not be able to hop over the railings to get direct

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You may want to keep your calendar open for the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo that's taking place this month. There’s a special one-day-only event happening called Middle-Earth EXPOsed and it starts at 8 PM at the Stampede Park Corral. It’s sure to be a hit with anyone that's interested in comics and entertainment.

This year, two special visitors will be arriving from the Middle Earth to take part in the Expo. Manu Bennett, Billy Boyd and Sean Astin will be making an appearance. These are some of the actors that played the main hobbits in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

Some of the dwarfs from the trilogy will be on hand as well including Dean O’Gorman that played Fili, Mark Hadlow who played Diri and Jed Brophy that took on the role of Nori.

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Although it doesn't happen too often, when a grow-op is under way in a rental unit it can cause irreparable damages. Recently here in Calgary, a landlord has sued a tenant for $105,000 in damages. Inside the basement, plastic was found covering the bedrooms and there were approximately 100 lamps providing light for the operation. As well, the walls had several holes in them so that air could be vented outside.

With this type of grow-op, a lot of carbon dioxide is produced along with high heat and humidity. This is the perfect environment for mold to grow in and all of this humidity can cause a lot of damage to the home. The landlord in this case ended up selling his property at a loss to a developer. It was eventually torn down so that a new home could

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If you live in a townhouse or a house on a street where a lot of the houses look the same, you may be thinking that you need to make your house look different from the others. You may want it to stand out and be noticed. The problem is that making it stand out too much can actually turn it into an eyesore.

Let's say that all of these homes have a white garage and you decide to paint yours blue. That will certainly differentiate your home from all of the other townhouses but it usually won't look very good at all. This is too overwhelming a change and many people aren’t going to appreciate the look at all.

A more subtle change that will make heads turn is doing something with your landscaping. You can create a beautiful flower bed, add some

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A fun and educational day has been lined up for Alberta's Law Day here in Calgary. This is the 31st year that this event has been held and it provides a lot of insight about the law and the legal system. It takes place at the Calgary Courts Centre on April 26 from 9 AM to 3 PM.

This is a free event that's family-friendly. You can find out more about the law and proceedings without having to feel intimidated. There are tours that are being held that will take you through prisoner cells, a high-security courtroom and CSI demonstrations.

There will also be interactive trials for demonstration purposes that will be both fun and informative. One of the trials will show a legal battle between Batman and Robin that will be put on by courthouse staff and

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Flood season is fast approaching and the City of Calgary has not been ignoring this issue. This year, officials won't be taking any chances and are putting effective protection measures into place. Some of the projects that are currently being worked on include:

  • Storm drainage upgrades
  • Public warning systems installed at fire halls
  • Upgrades at sanitary lift stations
  • Improvement of erosion sites on river banks
  • Gravel bar shaping for the river
  • Sewage treatment plant upgrades
  • Improved monitoring systems of river flow activity
  • Better notification processes
  • Improved stockpile of response equipment for emergencies

Crews are working on repairs on the river bank in more than 30 places. Erosion sites are being built up so that

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