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Canada Day is fast approaching and so are the fireworks. While you may be looking forward to all of the festivities, many pets have a deep fear of fireworks. Here are some helpful tips that you can use to help comfort your pet when the fireworks take place this year.

1. Keep the lights on

If you're heading out to see the fireworks this year, leave the lights on for your pet. It will help him feel safer and more secure then he would feel in a dark room.

2. Dampen the loud noise

Close the blinds and curtains in the room where your pet will be when the fireworks go off. If you live very close to an area where the fireworks are scheduled, you may even want to put a light blanket over a cage to help dampen the sound.

3. Leave the radio on

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When it's time to create a man cave in your home the first thing that you should be considering is the man that needs it. His hobbies and interests should be reflected in this cave that will define his own personality.

Man caves are usually designed for the man of the house but lately these rooms have evolved into more of a public room where the family can also go. It's still not considered as a family room, however, since the man has the most say over the room. While the wife may want to choose the furniture, artwork and decor in the rest of the house, this cave allows the man to make the major decisions over the design of this room.

Creative a vacation room

When designing a man cave, think of a vacation room. This is the place where he will be

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Along the beltline area you'll find a number of existing and new condominium developments in Victoria Park. Along with these newer additions you'll also find heritage buildings that add their own unique sense of character to the community. Victoria Park is located near the Calgary downtown core but some residents still consider it to be a part of the downtown area.

Established back in 1914, some of the oldest buildings in Calgary can be found in this community. The City of Calgary protects many of these historical properties and has redevelopment plans for them. This way, they can be updated for safety reasons while maintaining the original integrity of the building.

In Victoria Park you'll have access to most of the services and amenities you'd

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A lot of people have the misunderstanding that Canadian law has special provisions giving people the right to smoke. This is not true, however, and there are no provincial laws that provide the right for protection from discrimination for smoking.

As a landlord, you have the right to designate apartment or condominium units that will be smoke-free. You can make the entire building smoke-free or you can set up designated smoking areas inside the building. If you decide to ban smoking altogether, this will include balconies, outdoor patios or any other areas that belong to the residential property.

A policy that bans smoking is the same as one that bans loud music. You have the right as a landlord to keep your property protected and to make sure that

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Dogs, just like humans, need to make a transition from the springtime weather to the hotter days of summer. During these changeable conditions there are a few tips that you’ll want to keep in mind when it comes to your doggie and his comfort.

It's time for shedding

The spring season was a bit delayed this year and you may just find that your dog’s shedding habits were delayed as well. If your dog is still shedding now, make sure that you give him a brushing every day to help prevent tangles from forming. When a dog is shedding mats can easily form as the fur falls out.

Ditch the sweaters and jackets

Even though the weather is warm outside, you'll still see some people putting a light sweater or jacket on their dog. Remember that a dog can

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Garden-related recycling has become increasingly popular lately. With the ever-growing number of gardeners that are concerned about green living, it’s not surprising to see a considerable rise in recycling initiatives. Here are some simple green gardening tips that will help you with your recycling efforts:

Plastic pots

If the flower pots are small in size they can be recycled in your bin at home.

Humane green pest deterrent

Recycled coffee grounds are perfect for deterring a number of common garden pests.  The next time you brew a cup of java you may just want to consider adding the grounds to your garden to keep it free of pests.

Plastic plug trays

These trays are very easily crumpled since they are made from very thin plastic

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When you're out house hunting this summer you're bound to run into some listings that are situated on a corner lot. There are both pros and cons to buying a home at the corner of two roads and sometimes the location of the house can play a big part in providing more pros or more cons.

Consider the foot traffic nearby

If you're in a busy part of the town, you can definitely expect to see some pedestrians cutting their way across your lawn to get to the next sidewalk. Although the average person wouldn't ever consider walking on another person’s grass, there are those that simply don't care.

If a lot of people cut across your yard you'll have to devote a lot more time to lawn maintenance. It's hard to keep your lawn looking lush and green when it's

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The legendary captain of the USS Enterprise will be the official parade marshal for the 2014 Calgary Stampede. William Shatner will be making his way to Calgary on July 4 for the big march that makes its way through downtown Calgary. This will be Shatner's first Stampede experience and we're sure he's going to have a blast!

William Shatner was born in Montréal and although he has been able to visit Calgary before he's never had a chance to go to the stampede. By leading the parade, he'll certainly have a first-hand experience that he'll never forget.

Mr. Shatner is passionate about horses and has quite a Hollywood career behind him. Star Trek fans are going to be thrilled to see him as the parade marshal.

Riding alongside Mr. Shatner as

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Reverse mortgages are becoming more popular as many seniors have to deal with a lack of funds during their retirement. It's a solution for senior homeowners that need help funding their retirement. Sometimes it's a solution that works while at other times it's something to be avoided.

There's a lot of debate about reverse mortgages. Clearly, the banks end up on the winning side in most cases. It can, however, be a life-saving solution for seniors that want to stay in their own homes without making unnecessary sacrifices in their lifestyles.

HomEquity Bank reports that the number of reverse mortgages has increased by 26% this year compared to the number of mortgages that were taken out during the same time period last year. The bank expects to hand

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