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Green living is currently all the rage; from what we eat, drive and wear to how we travel, work, and even entertain. Where we live is being added to the ever-growing list of energy efficiency oriented lifestyles. Owning Calgary green real estate works to your advantage because it means in the long run, you will have lower maintenance costs in the form of utility bills and at times tax credits. If you want to invest in green real estate, here are 3 quick tips to help you begin your search.

Work With a Green Real Estate Agent

There is a special breed of real estate agents emerging and they work within the green real estate sector. These agents are given training on what to look for to determine how environmentally friendly a home is in terms of

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Many millennials are choosing to complete their post-education before settling down to raise a family and purchasing a home. The high cost of education means that a lot of these millennials will be carrying a large student debt once they have completed their studies.

An interesting study was recently conducted in the United States showing that approximately 414,000 housing sales won't take place this year due to the high student debt levels. Many students are paying back at least $250 per month for their loans and can't possibly even take a look at taking out another loan for a home right now.

According to the study that was conducted by a consulting firm in California called John Burns Consulting, this loss of home sales represents about 8% of all

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It's a small community on the northwest side of Calgary and it has been receiving a lot of attention lately. As one of the surrounding towns, Cochrane is seeing steady growth as Calgary continues to expand. Many people that want to be close to the big city but don't like the idea of living in it are turning to Cochrane.

A lot of growth has been taking place in this town for many years and as a result the town continues to expand its amenities. Many communities are under construction around the town, especially to the south and the north, and recently a Wal-Mart has been introduced. Some of the newest communities include Sunset Ridge, River Heights, Fireside and Riversong.

The latest population census shows that 20,700 people are calling this

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There's no denying that dogs and cats can definitely leave their own marks on a home. As a pet owner, you can put up with the minor damage and odours that a pet presents. Others, however, such as future potential home buyers, may not be as forgiving when it comes to the overall impact that pets can make on a home.

Being a pet owner definitely comes with both pros and cons. On the one side, your pet probably gives you a lot of love and companionship. On the other hand, you are taking on a lot of responsibility by owning an animal. You are also introducing certain types of germs and bacteria into the home as a pet owner.

Allowing a dog into your home, for example, means also allowing a multitude of dog-associated bacteria into your home as well. Some

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Duct cleaning is one of the maintenance issues that many home owners tend to put off. It is, however, just one of those things that are completely necessary to do in order to maintain your home. Clean ducts not only improve the quality of your indoor air but also ensure that the air is flowing properly through the house.

Some vermins also like to nest in the ducts since they provide a warm environment that seems safe. Sometimes ducts can be infested with rodents and insects, which can be quite a cause for concern.

Overall, it's a good idea to get your ducts cleaned out once every 3- 5 years. On the other hand, if you have been remodeling and renovating your home, it's best to get them cleaned to remove dust particles and debris that could have made

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It's going to be no holds barred at this year's YYComedy Festival Gala which will be featuring 8 standup comics that will leave you rolling in your seats. This gala event will bring together the strongest comedic talent lineup ever presented on the stage in Alberta this year.

Harland Williams will be headlining the show and if you don't recognize the name you've probably seen him on shows such as Conan, David Letterman, Kimmel and Leno. He's also appeared in the films Half-Baked, Dog Park, There's Something about Mary and Dumb and Dumber.

Along with Williams you'll be able to enjoy Darrin Rose. He is one of the Mr. D stars, which airs on CBC and is also the Comedy Network's Match Game host. He'll be taking some time off from his own tour to be at

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New showhomes opened on September 13 in Mahogany, which will showcase once again why this community is one of the newest and greatest in Calgary. The homes consist of 4 Lakeside Estate showhomes.

The properties that will be available have been set on generous lawns and are just steps away from the seemingly limitless Mahogany amenities. The homes are situated close to the beach making this community the perfect one for anyone that wants to live close to water. Activities at the lake carry on throughout the year during all seasons.

The homes start at approximately $650,000 and consist of 2200 ft.² models to 5000 ft.² models on lots that range from 40 ft. up to 46 ft. wide. The homes have been designed with character, sophistication and style.

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If you don't have thousands of dollars available to do a full kitchen upgrade at the moment, there's no reason why you can't make some fabulous changes to the kitchen to make it look awesome. Here are some budget-minded ideas you can use to make your kitchen sparkle and update its appearance.

Paint your old cabinets

If you see a lot of wear and tear on your cabinets, why not paint them? A lighter color of paint will add more space to your kitchen by making it appear larger. Take some sandpaper, rough up the cabinet surfaces, apply some primer and then start painting!

Add some glass

Put a glass insert into one or two of your cabinets and you'll create a brand-new look. As long as you have the type of cabinets that have a removable panel, it

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When it comes to making an investment in the real estate market, pay close attention to the local statistics versus the national ones. If, for example, you are looking at investing in a Calgary property, you should focus on the upcoming forecasts for that particular market and basically ignore any doom and gloom predictions for the rest of Canada.

Investors must take a look at the investment vehicle, the kind of holdings and the local geography in order to make a correct call regarding an investment. While some of the housing prices in certain Canadian markets are expecting to see a modest correction, the price of housing remains on the rise in Calgary.

There are certain markets in this country that are very strong while others are extremely

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If you love the world of real estate, there are a lot of career options available. The Ryerson University, situated in Toronto, is one of 3 universities in Canada that offers a real estate program for undergraduates. While you can certainly become a real estate agent as a career path, there are also other choices available.

Your real estate career options include:

  • Real estate broker
  • Real estate law
  • Real estate finance
  • Property management
  • Real estate development
  • Real estate appraisals
  • Real estate agent

The other universities that offer undergraduate programs for real estate include the University of British Columbia and the University of Guelph. The programs include an education in business and real estate specialized

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