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Just 23 km east of downtown Calgary lies the lake community of Chestermere, a pleasant community offering that much sought after small-town atmosphere. The population is roughly 18,000 full-time residents, which is a spectacular increase of 300 per cent over the last dozen years.  Despite dynamic growth and gaining city status in January 2015, Chestermere civic leaders are determined to keep Chestermere a tight-knit, friendly community while providing residents with big-city amenities.

A Former Resort

Chestermere Lake was created on open plain by the Western Irrigation District more than 100 years ago. Not wanting to waste a perfectly good lake, people from the surrounding area began to build summer cabins beside the lake and by the 1960s,

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Let's be totally honest here. There is nothing easy about housework. It’s an everyday chore that never seems to end. It seems like there is always something that needs to be done and you have no time to do it. That's why technology is such a wonderful thing. It can make things such as housework a lot more manageable. Here are 3 gadgets that will make housework ten times easier.

Automated Vacuums

This gadget is the one that started it all. It is the original when it comes to hands free housework. With an automated vacuum you can turn it on and watch it go to work. All it takes is a few minutes and your floors will be nice and clean. Vacuuming is sure to become your favourite chore after using this gadget.

Automated Mops

Yes you read that

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Cheers Restaurant is not your typical restaurant. This is the name of a dining establishment sitting inside of the Ramada Hotel. This means as you learn more about Cheers Restaurant, you are also going to have to learn more about the Ramada Hotel as well. Hopefully, this spotlight can provide you with more insight on both the hotel and the restaurant you are considering having your next meal at.

What Does Cheers Restaurant Have to Offer?

Cheers Restaurant provides both breakfast and lunch buffets. They also have an a la carte menu that is known to feature a lot of great favourites. If you happen to have a child under the age of six (and you are staying at the hotel) your child will get to each their meal for free.

Cheers Restaurant is open

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There are a lot of aspects of listing a home for sale that are equally important. One is the picture you take for the listing. A picture can make a break a listing. For obvious reasons, you should want to capture the perfect set of pictures for your listing. The question is – how do you do that?

You Need a Good Camera

You cannot take good pictures with a cheap camera. Fortunately, your smartphone should do a good job taking pictures. If you do not have a smartphone, you are going to need a good digital camera. Spending the extra money on a good camera will be worth it to get the buyers interested in your home.

Take Advantage of Natural Lighting

Take pictures during the day so you do not have to rely on turning the lights on or using your

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