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Luxury Home - OutdoorsYou don't have to live somewhere with warmer climates all-year-round to have the perfect outdoor space. If you are going to create the outdoor space of your dreams, it is important to take the right steps.

First, Lay Down the Roots

First, you need to start with the foundation of your outdoor space. This can be as simple as a rug. A lot of people forget rugs or do not give them a second thought. Rugs are an important part of any living space. They create boundaries and give a space a sense of intimacy.

Second, Get Some Seats

You need to have places to sit in order for your outdoor space to be comfortable. You do not just want to get the cheapest seats or the first deal you come across. You want to make sure you get seats that are comfortable.

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With the west leg of Calgary’s Ring Road approved but far from being started, the city must look at options to ease congestion on Sarcee Trail in the interim.

Residents along both sides of the Sarcee Trail corridor, in communities such as Patterson on the west, Westgate and Wildwood on the east, already experience lengthy rush hour waits at Sarcee Trail and Bow Trail South West.

A committee was struck to review possible infrastructure upgrades that will help ease traffic concerns while the Ring Road is being planned and constructed.

It is expected that the west leg of the Ring Road will get underway in 2021.  The west leg is north of Glenmore Trail and south of the Trans-Canada Highway.  The South West portion which must go through First

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 Fans of the Point in Patterson Heights will be happy to know that new lots have been released in this upscale community with picture-perfect views and open space.

Phase 3 lots are now up for grabs from QuinnCorp. Communities, the developer that brought you Aspen Estates and Aspen Summit, two other affluent neighbourhoods on the city’s west side.  Patterson is an older, established community high above the city.

Plenty of Green Space

The coveted green space loved so much by area residents include natural areas such as ravines and a picturesque escarpment. Residents enjoy unobstructed views of the city skyline to the east and the Bow River Valley to the north.   The Point in Patterson Heights is surrounded by preserved urban parkland and is an

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In case you don't know; Open Doors Calgary is an international concept giving individuals access to buildings in the city to create excitement for the architecture and heritage of the town. The tours will include a viewing of areas normally closed to the public. This has become a legacy event whether you are an art or history enthusiast, or sports fanatic; it will be an enjoyed event.

The model was created by the Scots/Glaswegians in 1990 and circulated/exported to Continental Europe. The first event, Doors Open, was held in Toronto, Canada in 2000. In 2012, the current version was launched for the city's turn as Canada's Cultural Capital.

Its annual presentation is concurrent with the Alberta Culture Days as an independent event. It has a

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With 300-plus days of sunshine in Calgary, every day is a great day for a run. Whether you're a 5k, 10k, half or ultra-marathoner, Calgary's varied terrain makes for a wide variety of running conditions. Hills, flat surfaces, scenic and even trail running are one of this city's most popular past times.

Bow River Pathway

Gently jogging or dashing out the door, the downtown crowd can be seen on a daily basis running along both sides of the Bow River. Many start from the Eau Claire YMCA taking advantage of the locker room and showers afterwards. Others change right at their workplace and head north past 2 Ave SW and get right to it.

The quickest route is 3.2 km which is north through Prince's Island Park, then west along Memorial Drive NW to the

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