January 2016

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With the success of Car2Go, a car-share program so successful that Calgary is creating special parking just for the tiny cars, is bike-sharing next?

Some experts believe that Calgary is falling behind when it comes to anything related to bicycle raiding, bicycle commuting or even sharing.

Bike-sharing operates on a similar principle as Car2Go with a dedicated user base that lives in the inner-city. Bikes are available for short-term rentals and those wanting to hire a bike are provided with a key or combination or unlock code. Unlike cars, which can be parked almost anywhere and locked at a touch of a button, bikes are more portable and need to be locked up in a specific place such as a docking station.  A bit more infrastructure is required to

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Going for a walk is good for your heart in more ways than one.  The benefits are both cardiovascular and emotional, as your heart pumps both blood and good vibes as your enjoy nature and the people in the community in which you live.

Walkable neighbourhoods are all the rage.  Communities in which walking to your neighbours, walking to the park or the store or the neighbourhood coffee shop is easy, simple and safe.  Researchers are now extolling the benefits of walkable neighbourhoods that may also be safe for your brain, encouraging cognition and improved memory in seniors.  Communities in which getting outside, meeting people and provide a motivating atmosphere by virtual of their physical makeup may help with cognitive impairment later in life.

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We’ve just come through the holiday season when the last thing people may be thinking about is selling their home.

The time of year is certainly a factor when picking a good time to sell, but it’s not the only consideration.  Current market conditions and the old law of supply and demand come into play and need to be taken into consideration, along with the falling leaves, snow flurries, April showers or summer vacation season.

No matter when you decide to list your home, you need to consider the likelihood of getting your asking price as well as whether or not your home will sell in a timely manner.

First things first

The economy is independent of whatever season it is outside and will usually get the attention of those looking for a home

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