June 2016

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Parents of adult children know that looking after your kids doesn’t end when they turn 18.  While no longer responsible for your child’s decisions, you can be responsible if you start co-signing mortgages to help your kids buy a home.

If you’re thinking about doing that, you’re not alone.  Join the club of parents who are the Bank of Mom and Dad. Home ownership is beyond the reach of many young people these days and wanting to give them a hand up to get into the marketplace is very common.  You’ve taught them to be independent but when it comes to buying a home you’re enabling them in a good way.  Just make sure you know what you’re getting into as a joint borrower.

Know your responsibilities

Whether it’s a credit card, line of credit or for

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Also called spec homes, builders will often set aside a certain percentage of new construction in a new subdivision without yet having a buyer. Sometimes a spec home will serve as a stand-alone model home showcasing the builder’s talents and creativity yet is available for immediate purchase. It’s important to look at the benefits of buying a spec home in comparison with both resale and buying a home pre-construction

The Advantages of a Quick Possession Home

1.       Move In Faster :There’s nothing like a brand new home that no one has lived in before.  A home that a family can put their        personal stamp on.  As the name suggestions, a quick possession home is ready to move in anywhere from 30 to 60 to 90 days as it’s either completed or

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