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Calgary is a city of diverse weather, elevation and soil types depending on where you are.  You could be high on Signal Hill or next to the river in Elbow Park; on flat, fertile ground north of the airport or way up by Rocky Ridge with plenty of precipitation and wind.

If you love to garden and are looking for a new Calgary home, consider the style and size of home you want but consider the conditions for the type of things you want to grow and enjoy.

In Alberta, we have some fairly awesome hail storms every year.  People grab that golf-ball sized hail and store it in their freezers as proof.  More often than not, areas on the north end of Calgary and up into the Airdrie district are typically hardest hit.

We have a semi-arid climate with

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In a recent study, it was found that 50% of Calgarians can't afford to get into the housing market, not even in the tiniest of condos.  A further one in five households don't have enough income to even rent a decent place.

For years, there have been studies and analysis and committees commissioned by the City of Calgary and other social service agencies to study Calgary’s affordable housing issue.  Sometimes it’s a full-blown crisis.

There have been few tangible solutions provided by our municipal government to address it – a situation that has plagued Calgary ever since a tent city popped up next to Fort Calgary in the late 19th century.

But a new report has just come out from City Hall called Housing in Calgary: An inventory of Housing

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