November 2017

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Should I Repair Myself or Call a Professional?DIY projects are some of the most satisfying activities a homeowner can do after buying a property. It's a chance to learn a new skill while eliminating the high cost of labor. However, DIY projects also come with their fair share of risks. Besides the frustration and time delays that often arise during complicated procedures, there's also a much darker side of DIY repairs. If the owner makes a mistake while they're working, they may end up endangering the house or the family who lives inside of it. These types of mistakes may not even be apparent until after a disaster occurs. See when to break out your toolkit, and when it's far more practical to whip out your cell phone to call a pro.

Safety Considerations

Homeowners need to first weigh the

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What to Know Before You Buy a Fixer UpperWhen done right—and with understanding of the risks involved—a fixer upper can be worthy investment that's also a fun side project. To measure the risks, make sure you understand these 4 things to know about fixer upper home value, neighbourhood, and true costs of renovation.

The Home's Structural Condition is the Most Important Aspect

You must know what you're really buying before you invest in a fixer upper. A thorough home inspection can tell you whether the house's problems exceed what meets the eye. If you skip this step, you could wind up with a house in need of a pricey service, such as foundation work or mold remediation.Once you understand the home's condition, ask yourself whether you're comfortable proceeding. While mold in homes

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