December 2017

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Facts about Home Insurance in Canada Everyone Should KnowAlthough possessing home insurance in Canada is not mandatory when you buy a home, home owners without at least minimal insurance coverage on their property may one day face severe financial problems or even bankruptcy due to weather-related damage to their home, fire, theft or living expenses if they are unable to reside in their home. Additionally, Canadian home insurance policies provide personal liability coverage for personal injury accidents occurring on your property. For example, if someone trips and falls in your home or yard due to negligence on your part, your home insurance policy may help pay for medical costs and litigation arising from the incident.

Types of Canadian Home Insurance Coverage

Comprehensive House Insurance in

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Common Documents Needed to Sell a HomeOnce a homeowner has decided that they want to sell their home, they need to make sure that they get everything together to make the process smooth. That means the homeowner needs to have all of the right documentation in place and readily available for the process. Some of these documents can be created by their real estate agent during the process but there are also some that they need to locate on their own. Once they know what they need, they can start the process of selling their home and they can help the process run smoothly and faster as a result.

The Main Documents they Need to Sell their Home

There are a few main documents that homeowners should gather when they are considering selling their home. These are documents that their

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