June 2019

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Building Technology Trends in New Home ConstructionAs the demand for residential construction grows in Canada, so does the availability of technological innovations, making for greater efficiency from bidding to project completion. Technologies improve communication, provide more accurate real-time information and address workflow deficiencies. Shifting buyer requirements also help shape the technologies and practices being used in new home construction. Residential construction companies and contractors can benefit from exploring the recent advances impacting the industry.

Faster Construction Communication

Cloud-based platforms and mobile apps have improved the ability for stakeholders to manage workflows and address issues as they arise. Options for the residential construction industry include

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Hidden Safety Hazards Homeowners May Find in Their HomesDespite homeowners' best efforts to make sure otherwise, homes have many hidden hazards lurking in their shadows and in plain sight. At each corner of the house, there could be a handful of hazards awaiting adults and children alike. Homeowners, especially those who are first home buyers, can take their preventative tactics one step further by understanding the nature of these hazards and learning how to prevent them. To get started, they can use this guide to start learning about the three most common residential safety hazards.

Trip and Fall Accidents

Trip and fall accidents can cause minor to severe injuries ranging from bone fractures to traumatic brain injuries. In residences, these accidents frequently occur due to loose or otherwise

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