August 2019

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Popular Home Siding in CanadaThere are so many Okotoks home siding options available that it can be hard for a homeowner to decide which one may best meet their needs. Home siding cannot only make a home look more attractive, but improve a home's R value. When it is time to pick home siding for a new home or replace older siding, it pays to find out more about siding before making a final selection.

What Style Home Do You Have?

Depending on the style of home, some siding options may be better suited than others. A homeowner with a modern or contemporary home may find metal siding a good match. The same cannot be said for the owner of a more rustic looking home. Looking at the types of siding used on homes of the same style in Canada can help focus the search.

Wood Home

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4 Roofing Materials You Should Know AboutMost often, roofs use asphalt shingles because they’re cheap, readily available, and last around two decades before needing to be replaced. However, when replacing a roof or building a new construction home, many homeowners don’t realize that they can choose different roofing materials. There are many different materials that can be used on roofs that have different advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the different materials homeowners can use on their roofs.

Wooden Shingles

Before asphalt shingles rose to popularity, wooden shingles were the most commonly used type for homes. They’ve become less common due to their price, as they’re more expensive than asphalt shingles, and they aren’t well suited for every climate. Wood warps when

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