5 Fun Family-Friendly Plants

Posted by on Friday, July 18th, 2014 at 9:01pm.

Are you tired of seeing the same old plants in your garden year after year? If so, here are some fascinating plants that you may want to add to your garden or plant in your home to spruce things up a bit. If you have children, some of these plants are an exciting way to introduce them to the world of gardening.

Plant a pineapple

The next time you buy a pineapple at the grocery store, cut off the leafy top and strip some of the leaves from the base. Let it dry out and then put it in a pot with some soil. Keep the earth moist and in approximately 6 weeks the plant will start to develop roots. You'll have to have some patience though - the plant will take 1-2 years to grow a pineapple.

Venus Flytrap

The plant survives by eating flies and insects. You and your children will love watching them grow since you can feed the plant on your own by using tweezers once every 10 days. They usually grow to a height of 6 inches and germinate in 4 -6 weeks.

Enjoy the sweet smell of lemon

Plant a Lemon Verbena and enjoy the wonderful smell of lemon that's left behind on your fingers when you have rubbed them on the plant's leaves. You can also use the leaves as a flavouring for herbal teas and they make a wonderful addition to potpourris. You'll end up with a bushy shrub once it has fully developed.

Tickle-Me Plant

This is another great plant that everyone in the family can enjoy. When you touch it, the leaves curl up and this sets off a chain reaction to other nearby leaves. The leaves will also fold up in the dark. These plants usually grow to be about 30 cm high.

Lablab Beans

This is an exciting climbing plant and you can eat the pods from it once they have been cooked. The leaves are a purple-brown and green color and fragrant pink and purple flowers develop on this delightful plant. You can plant it in areas that don't receive any sunlight and you can expect the seeds to germinate within 2-3 weeks.

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