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What Are The Pros and Cons of Condo Living? Not everyone is cut out for the condominium lifestyle, and then again not everyone is cut out for home ownership in a single-family dwelling. Those who have resided in an apartment or townhouse likely have a good idea what's involved in living within conjoined housing such as condos. However, those who have never owned a home might be wondering what perks condos might have over free-standing homes. With this in mind, here are some ups and downs of condo ownership.

Community Life Versus Greater Privacy

Condo owners live in close proximity to one another, and many enjoy having a greater sense of community as they encounter other neighbours at community areas like mailboxes, trash depositories, gyms or the swimming pool. Homeowners in

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How to Downsize Into a New HomeIt can be hassle to maintain a large property, especially years into retirement. As a result, downsizing is quite common later in life. While moving from a larger house to a smaller house can be an exciting step, downsizing can also be a little stressful. Getting rid of old knick knacks, giving away sentimental items and deciding what to keep can be a time consuming, labor intensive process.

Start Purging and Repairs Early

Selling an older home can be a challenge when it's full of clutter or needs repairs. When it's time to purge, move from closet to by closet, room to room. Sort through every drawer, box and pile of stuff, and begin deciding what will go and what will stay. Getting rid of things is usually difficult at first, but it gets

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6 Flooring Options You Should Be Thinking AboutGetting a new floor is an exciting time. With all the different materials and colors out there, just replacing this one part of a room can change its entire look and feel, and it can be a valuable home upgrade. But there are so many options, how does a homeowner decide which option is best for them? By reading this brief guide to some of the different home flooring options available, homeowners can learn which varieties may be best for their needs.

Using Cork Flooring in the Home

Cork as a flooring has been becoming more popular recently due to being an environmentally friendly alternative that doesn’t empty a homeowner’s wallet as quickly as other green flooring material sat about $2-8 per foot. Cork does have its downfalls, however. For

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Understanding LMI for Home PurchasesThe standard down payment for a home is 20 percent of the purchase price, but not everyone has that much saved up. Homebuyers typically pay for Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) if they're unable to make come up with the 20 percent. The expense of LMI can be considerable, but it's often the only way for a buyer to purchase the property. See how it works, and why it actually benefits buyers in the long run.

How It Works

A bank wants to take on as little risk as possible, so they're going to reward people with more cash on hand. Meeting only the minimum down payment of 5 percent means a homeowner is going to have very little equity in the home, making it that much easier for them to abandon. LMI is designed to protect the lender in case the

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What Is A Home WarrantyIn some provinces, new home builders are required to offer a home warranty to home buyers. In other parts of Canada, the decision to offer a home warranty to buyers is left up to the home builder. Regardless of location, buyers of new homes should be aware of a builder's home warranty policy and what it covers.

Lack of a home warranty policy can be a point of concern. Reputable builders who are customer service oriented often provide a warranty to ensure the customer's needs are addressed even after move-in. Reading the policy before purchasing the home can help the buyer go into the deal with open eyes.

What Does A Home Warranty Cover?

In general, home warranties often offer protection against structural defects, defects in work, defects

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Facts about Home Insurance in Canada Everyone Should KnowAlthough possessing home insurance in Canada is not mandatory when you buy a home, home owners without at least minimal insurance coverage on their property may one day face severe financial problems or even bankruptcy due to weather-related damage to their home, fire, theft or living expenses if they are unable to reside in their home. Additionally, Canadian home insurance policies provide personal liability coverage for personal injury accidents occurring on your property. For example, if someone trips and falls in your home or yard due to negligence on your part, your home insurance policy may help pay for medical costs and litigation arising from the incident.

Types of Canadian Home Insurance Coverage

Comprehensive House Insurance in

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Common Documents Needed to Sell a HomeOnce a homeowner has decided that they want to sell their home, they need to make sure that they get everything together to make the process smooth. That means the homeowner needs to have all of the right documentation in place and readily available for the process. Some of these documents can be created by their real estate agent during the process but there are also some that they need to locate on their own. Once they know what they need, they can start the process of selling their home and they can help the process run smoothly and faster as a result.

The Main Documents they Need to Sell their Home

There are a few main documents that homeowners should gather when they are considering selling their home. These are documents that their

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Should I Repair Myself or Call a Professional?DIY projects are some of the most satisfying activities a homeowner can do after buying a property. It's a chance to learn a new skill while eliminating the high cost of labor. However, DIY projects also come with their fair share of risks. Besides the frustration and time delays that often arise during complicated procedures, there's also a much darker side of DIY repairs. If the owner makes a mistake while they're working, they may end up endangering the house or the family who lives inside of it. These types of mistakes may not even be apparent until after a disaster occurs. See when to break out your toolkit, and when it's far more practical to whip out your cell phone to call a pro.

Safety Considerations

Homeowners need to first weigh the

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What to Know Before You Buy a Fixer UpperWhen done right—and with understanding of the risks involved—a fixer upper can be worthy investment that's also a fun side project. To measure the risks, make sure you understand these 4 things to know about fixer upper home value, neighbourhood, and true costs of renovation.

The Home's Structural Condition is the Most Important Aspect

You must know what you're really buying before you invest in a fixer upper. A thorough home inspection can tell you whether the house's problems exceed what meets the eye. If you skip this step, you could wind up with a house in need of a pricey service, such as foundation work or mold remediation.Once you understand the home's condition, ask yourself whether you're comfortable proceeding. While mold in homes

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How to Decide If You Should Buy or Rent a HomeChoosing whether or not to buy or rent a home is an important decision form many Canadian residents. Many may believe that buying a home is a worthwhile investment and the idea of homeownership may be quite attractive. What do residents need to know in order to decide which path, renting or buying, is right for them at this time?

Speaking to a financial planner may help Canadian residents determine which course may be most suitable, depending on their assets and the current housing market. Understand some of the factors involved in choosing to buy or rent a home.

Are you ready to put down 10-20 percent of the purchase price?

In Canada, big banks want a first-time buyer to be able to put down an average of 10 percent on a home. This does not

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