Alberta Is the Province with the Go-To Weather

Posted by on Wednesday, February 6th, 2013 at 4:37pm.

Do you live in Alberta for the weather? There are so many reasons why people are moving to Alberta but the weather, in most cases, isn't one of them. But it should be! According to Environment Canada, Alberta tops the list for having the climate that's the most comfortable in Canada.

Albertans can consider themselves to be very lucky even with the cold and snow prevailing throughout the winter months. As far as weather goes, Alberta is the most comfortable place to live says Environment Canada's senior climatologist, David Phillips.

In order to rate the overall comfort level of a province's or territory's climate they are each given points based on numerous weather categories. Some of these categories include the sunniest days, the lowest humidity overall, the least wet days and the mildest falls, springs and winters.

It's partly our fault!

Some of the weather experienced in the rest of Canada originates right from Alberta in the form of a clipper. While these are usually not too intense, they certainly can be. Because these clippers originate here in Alberta, we don't usually see a lot of the quick bursts of snow that come with them and usually only experience windier conditions.

If you're looking for comfortable weather conditions, Alberta has what you're looking for. Although the complaints can get loud and emphatic during the winter, especially on the days where the temperature dips to frostbite levels, we should take comfort in the fact that everyone else in the country is worse off than we are!

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