Animal Lovers Unite and Visit the Calgary Zoo on Valentine's Day!

Posted by on Friday, January 31st, 2014 at 9:01pm.

The Calgary Zoo has lined up an amazing evening for Valentine's Day called "In the Heat of the Night.” You'll sit down and enjoy a romantic dinner and then you can make your way over to the conservatory to find out how animals and plants court and mate with each other during the special seasons of the year. It's a night of special love that you can share with your favorite animal lover.

During the intermission there will be fabulous desserts served in the main foyer of the conservatory. Gillian Cardwell from the Calgary Zoo along with other guest speakers will be making presentations. The theme that is being presented this year is named "Who's your daddy?" You'll be able to find out exactly what spurs on the mating between different animal and plant species. It's a night that's appropriate for people searching for something a little bit different as a Valentine's Day celebration.

Love will also be served on your plate through a buffet that is love-themed and prepared by the amazing chefs at the zoo. Included on the menu for Valentine's Day 2014 is a Greek salad, Alberta roast beef, chicken breast, carrot ginger soup and this is just a partial list of the culinary delights. To see the full menu you can visit the official zoo website. Tickets must be booked in advance and are very limited.

The evening show and dinner runs from 6 PM up to 10:30 PM on February 14 and tickets are $80 for a table that seats 4 - 6 or $90 for a table that seats 2. It's certain to be an informative and exciting night for all couples - especially for animal lovers that want to share the evening with another to enjoy a great meal and learn more about mating and courtship in the animal kingdom.

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