Are You Looking for a Home with a Main Floor Laundry Room?

Posted by on Friday, September 20th, 2013 at 9:01pm.

If so, you are part of the growing group of Calgarians that no longer want to head down into the deep dark dungeon of the basement to do their laundry. When you consider that the average family is processing from 8 to 10 laundry loads per week, it makes sense to have the washer and dryer closer to the main living area.

Laundry rooms can be multifunctional

A lot of the laundry rooms that are popping up on the main floor are being used for other purposes as well. If you’re a crafter, for instance, you can set up a small shop in a part of the laundry room. You can even do your laundry between working on your craft projects!

Accessible laundry rooms also provide extra storage space so that you can keep things that you'd like to have handy on the main floor. Instead of having to go out to the garage for a tool, for instance, you can have a small secondary toolbox set up on one of the laundry room shelves or in a cupboard complete with common screwdrivers, a hammer, a basic wrench etc.

Luxury laundry rooms

In the higher end homes you'll find luxury laundry rooms that act as a one-stop shop for getting all the laundry done in one setting. They can come complete with a washer, dryer, folding station, pull out ironing board, separate compartments that hold folded laundry for family members and much more. There are also SinkSpas available that will give your delicate clothes the hand washing they need and the best thing is it is you won't even have to use your hands! These sinks use water jets to hand wash fine clothing and are the newest must-have feature to be found in many of the luxurious laundry rooms.

Brightly lit, plenty of room

If you're looking for a laundry room in your next home that is on the main floor, look for one that offers a lot of room and lighting. You'll want to have a place where you can hang up clothing to air dry, have a spot dedicated to folding and the room should offer enough space so that you don't feel closed in. Ideally there should also be a fan in the room that can keep the laundry space from becoming stuffy.

Bright lighting is also a necessity to find stains easily on clothing so that they can be sprayed before being put in the wash. A lot of the laundry rooms you'll find in the basement don't provide sufficient lighting to do proper loads of laundry.

One of the most important things to look for as well in your new upcoming laundry room is storage space to keep all of your laundry essentials. You may also want to store your cleaners here so look for a room that offers cupboard space, shelves and ledges. If there's not enough space for storage, you may have to resort to using a rolling cart that is thin enough to fit in between the dryer and washer to keep all of your laundry products in one spot.

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