Are You Thinking of Selling Your Home on Your Own? Think Again! Here's Why!

Posted by on Monday, October 22nd, 2012 at 9:21pm.

Some people play with the idea of selling their home without the assistance of a Calgary real estate agent. It all sounds fine and dandy in theory but in reality it's a real headache and you'll have to deal with a lot of issues that you previously didn't take into account. Here are some statistics to look at to give you an idea of what you'll be up against.

Getting the price you want

In order to truly understand the price difference between homes sold by the owner and homes sold with assistance from an agent let's take a look at the 2011 statistics just south of the border. The average price for an FSBO home was $150,000 while houses that were sold with agent assistance had an average price of $215,000. That's quite a difference in price!

Understanding all the paperwork involved

When you consider that buying or selling a home is probably the biggest transaction you'll ever make in your lifetime it's understandable that there will be a lot of paperwork involved. Most of these administrative papers are going to contain a lot of terminology that you won't understand and you'll need to have a good dictionary by your side to get through them.

Finding enough time

Do you have enough time to devote to selling your home on your own? There are a lot of tasks to take care of pertaining to all of the various aspects of a sale and some of them are quite time-consuming. You'll need to have a lot of extra time on your hands to take on the responsibility of selling your own home.

Getting the home ready for sale

On top of all the other tasks that you’re going to have to handle you’ll still need to get your home ready for the sale. Add this onto your to-do list and see if you really have the time to prepare your home and sell it on your own.

Selling the home quickly

Most homes will have to sit on the market for quite a while when they are listed by the owner since they won't be appearing on the Calgary MLS® and will need to be advertised elsewhere. Since most people look to the MLS® to find a house you'll have to expect that your home will remain unsold until the right buyer comes along from another source. In some cases this can mean months of waiting for your home to be sold and most people are looking for a quick sale with a good offer once they have gone ahead and made the decision to sell.

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