Buying A House In Calgary - The Little Things Mean A Lot

Posted by on Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 at 9:01pm.

There are some small things that will usually speak volumes about a house. It’s easy to conclude that a home with a large split in the wall and missing flooring may have further problems but there are some other things that you should be looking for that could indicate problems.

1. Large bushes in front of the home

If there are large bushes running along the edge of the home, don't be afraid to take a peek behind them.  In some cases a seller will try to hide a foundation problem by growing bushes right in front of the house.  In most cases, large bushes only indicate that the people inside care about the home and its appearance, but it never hurts to take a peek.

2. Clutter inside and out

When you are looking at a home and see building materials, scraps of wood and garbage cans carelessly strewn about, it may indicate that the home is being neglected.  As well, if there are piles of clutter inside the home, it probably means that the house itself is not very clean. After all, who can clean up an area when there is a pile of clutter on top of it?

3. Look at the lighting

If you are viewing a home and see it during the daytime, the odds are good that only some of the lights will be turned on. If you're seriously thinking about purchasing the home it is a good idea to look through it in the evening as well when it's dark outside. This will give you an idea of the lighting in the home. A dark house can appear very somber while a well lit home will be bright and cheery.

When buying a house keep an eye open for these small things. The closer you inspect the house the more certain you’ll be that you are walking away with a sound home without any problems.

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