Calgary Homes for Sale - Always Assume That Your Buyer Knows More

Posted by on Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014 at 9:01pm.

If your house is currently listed, you can expect potential buyers to be walking through your home and some of them will be professionals in their fields. Always assume that the people you are talking to know more than what they are letting on, since you can easily be tripped up by questioning their intelligence.

For example, if somebody asks you about your roof and you don't really know the answer, just say that you're not sure. It's a lot better than trying to bluff your way through, especially if you find out that you are talking to a roofing specialist. People can ask some hard questions and unless you absolutely know the answer to them, it's best to say that you just don't know. You may be talking to a specialist in the field that knows a lot more than you do about the subject.

As well, a lot of potential buyers have been doing their homework. They know what they should be looking for in a home and are looking for answers. They may want to know if your house has been inspected for radon, asbestos or lead, and if it has, they will want to see the report. If you do have anything in writing regarding your home and an inspection, keep it around to show buyers. When you have something in writing it speaks volumes and separates your home from the other Calgary homes for sale on the market.

Anything that you have in writing will help to sell your house. If you have been cleaning your carpets for the last 10 years regularly with a professional carpet cleaning company and have some type of paperwork to prove it, this is an amazing thing to have on hand. If you can combine this type of paperwork with other reports, it will simply help you sell your house faster. The proof is always in the writing and when it comes to Calgary homes for sale, your potential buyers have probably heard a lot of hype and are tired of it.

Always assume that any potential buyer knows what he is talking about and have reports on hand if possible. You'll gain a lot of credibility by handing out written documents that show when you made repairs, upgrades or had any type of inspections done on your home.

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