Calgary Investment Properties and a Slower Economy - Make an Informed Decision

Posted by on Monday, April 6th, 2015 at 7:27pm.

Many people are caught in a dilemma when deciding whether to buy or sell an investment property during slower economic times. A slow economy lowers property prices, which opens up an opportunity for investment. You may also want to sell your property and liquidate your funds.

If you have access to funds or credit, you should consider investing in real estate when things slow down and prices go down.  Keep in mind that risks also go up and care should be taken when investing. The investment property should be inspected professionally before buying. Some of the homes may need extensive renovations.

Do not rely on pictures to make your investment decision. Plan an actual visit to the property and work with a qualified property inspector. Careful research should be done first to avoid poor investment choices. This will help you find the best deals in the market and let you take advantage of the incredible savings offered by a dip in the economy. Don’t invest all of your money, however, since you’ll still need to have enough savings to cushion yourself.

On the other hand, selling may result in losses if you sell a home during an economic downfall. A home owner may consider selling in order to avoid further losses but the experts usually discourage this. If you are a home owner, the best thing to do is keep your property until the economy improves, if at all possible. Dips and rises are to be expected in any economy and real estate is always a long term prospect.

When times are really tough you might want to consider putting your property up for rent. As foreclosures increase, the rental market opens up.

An economic slowdown brings about rough times but you can take advantage by either buying investment property or renting out what you own. When the recession ends, your property will regain its value again and you will be much better off financially.

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