Calgary Parks - The Newest Form of Relaxation Treatment

Posted by on Friday, January 25th, 2013 at 2:32pm.

Calgary city is renowned for not only the beauty of its parks and recreational trails, but also for the quantity that the city holds within its boundaries. These parks are available to citizens of all ages and genders and can be used for all sorts of activities.

In Calgary, there are over 1,000 playgrounds for children. These parks outnumber the amount of parks for children in Toronto and even New York. Calgary also has spectacular hiking and recreation trails with approximately 750,000 kilometers of trail available for Calgary citizens to enjoy.

For hundreds of years residents here have held pride and pleasure in the beauty and maintenance of their parks. It has been a long standing tradition in Calgary for people to partake in afternoon social activities in the park such as picnics. Indeed, the citizens of Calgary maintain a strong interest in their parks.

Recently, surveys were given to a total of 1,433 people here in the city regarding their view and input on the parks. It was found that the parks have been deemed to be not only a place of social, family or religious and spiritual endearment, but also a place where an individual can rest his mind and find relaxation from the regular bustle of everyday life.

Everybody has stresses in life and in fact, a life without any stress is an odd one indeed. In Calgary, the only difference is that instead of trying to subdue the natural emotions of life, citizens find the abundance of city parks as a source of calmness and space for them to relax. This method of soothing one's soul is ingrained in the Calgary lifestyle.

It is no wonder that the citizens here seek to maintain their parks. These parks offer a peaceful environment that is separate and disconnected from the noise and confusions of everyday city life. It is in fact, being newly recognized as a good treatment for what we now believe to be mental disorders.

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