Clear out your Clutter before Making a Move!

Posted by on Friday, December 20th, 2013 at 9:01pm.

It can be quite overwhelming to make a move but there is one certain thing you can do to make things roll along a lot easier! By de-cluttering your home you'll have a faster move that's much more organized. Never underestimate the power of getting rid of some stuff!

Organizing versus moving

A lot of people get mixed up and try to organize and move at the same time. This is never a good idea since you can easily get quite confused during the process and end up giving up. Organizing and moving are 2 completely different things and it's important to get the organizing done before the move starts. Doing the move and the organizing together can cause a lot of moving stress.

Getting organized

Before proceeding onto the packing stage of the game, make sure that you have organized everything in your home and have removed any of the extra clutter. This must be totally done before you start.

The stages of a move involve the following in this order:

  • De-clutter
  • Organize
  • Start packing

If you're not planning a move for a few months, start by de-cluttering and then organizing right away. By doing everything in its proper stages you'll find that you have a lot more time on your hands that could be better spent on moving preparations. Finish the de-cluttering, move on to the organizing and then start your packing.

When you are ready for packing only without having to worry about organizing or throwing anything out, you'll see that it is really an easy process once you get started. You'll be able to move from room to room in an organized way to get things done fast. If you're going to be moving in the upcoming future and are looking forward to a stress-free move, do everything in its proper order. Packing on its own is quite easy. The problem with packing occurs when you're trying to do everything else along with it.

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