Come Out and See the Jails and Courts on Alberta Law Day

Posted by on Friday, April 11th, 2014 at 9:01pm.

A fun and educational day has been lined up for Alberta's Law Day here in Calgary. This is the 31st year that this event has been held and it provides a lot of insight about the law and the legal system. It takes place at the Calgary Courts Centre on April 26 from 9 AM to 3 PM.

This is a free event that's family-friendly. You can find out more about the law and proceedings without having to feel intimidated. There are tours that are being held that will take you through prisoner cells, a high-security courtroom and CSI demonstrations.

There will also be interactive trials for demonstration purposes that will be both fun and informative. One of the trials will show a legal battle between Batman and Robin that will be put on by courthouse staff and volunteer lawyers. A mock trial of a family law case will also be held with Ralph the Dog and a player from the Calgary Stampeders.

Other activities include tours of an escort van for prisoners and a sheriff's vehicle along with 50 exhibits and information booths. These exhibits and booths will be run by law-related professionals from various agencies.

On this day, the Citizenship Court will be swearing in 75 people that will receive their Canadian citizenships. There will also be items that security members at the courthouse have had to confiscate in the past such as guns, swords and knives. It’s amazing to see what some people try to sneak into a court!

The excitement takes place at 601, 5 St. S.W. at the Calgary Courts Centre. It's expected that approximately 5,000 people will be attending this event so head out early to make sure that you can take it all in!

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