Composting in Calgary - Good for the Environment and Great for Your Pocketbook

Posted by on Wednesday, May 21st, 2014 at 9:01pm.

Compost is a soil enhancer that can be used on any lawn or garden. It's organic, free and returns much-needed nutrients back into the soil. Food and yard waste that would normally end up at the landfill can be turned into a natural fertilizer. Not only is composting an environmentally-friendly choice but it is also a positive financial choice.

Save on water bills

When you use compost on your soil your garden plants and lawn will retain more water. Compost naturally aerates the soil. As a result, less watering will be required. You'll actually find that you'll be pulling out your sprinkler and hose less often for lawn maintenance.

Use fewer chemicals

Compost helps keep grass and plant diseases at bay so you'll have to spend less on chemical solutions. Compost is the best thing to use on your soil since it is full of microorganisms and nutrients. Less chemicals mean less toxic runoff and you may even find that you can ditch the chemicals altogether. Compost material acts as a form of preventative medicine for your lawn and garden.

Reduce your carbon footprint

It's estimated that 17% of the solid waste in municipal landfills is organic matter that could be better used as compost ingredients. When you do your part and turn the organic matter from your home and garden into compost, you will be reducing your carbon footprint on this planet. At the same time you’ll end up with a green, lush lawn and healthy flowers and plants that look absolutely stunning!

Composting involves a minimum investment of a compost bin or you can even make your own. The only other requirement is a small amount of your time and a dedicated commitment towards giving back to the environment.

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