Cordless Window Blinds - Your Only Option When You Have Children in the Home

Posted by on Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 at 9:01pm.

Every year we hear about new cases of children strangling themselves on window blind cords and it's such a shame. Nowadays you don't have to settle for blinds that come with cords since there are new and improved cordless models being offered on the market. Really, if you have children or even pets in your home, cordless blinds should be your only option.

Types of cordless blinds

Here are just a few of the many different types of cordless blinds that are available:

Manual cordless blinds - Instead of using a cord to move the blinds up and down you simply grasp the bottom of the blind and pull it up or down. It will stay in place where you leave it and will remain level along the bottom. With cords the blinds can sometimes get slanted and you need to adjust them until they are lying straight across. The privacy control also functions at the bottom of the blind for adjusting the slot openings. Once you get used to use them, this type of blind is just as easy to use as the corded varieties.

Remote-control blinds - You can purchase customized blinds that use a motorized system to raise the blinds up and down. You can even get fully automated systems that allow you to control all of the blinds in the room with one remote control. The question you'll need to ask yourself is whether you would like to introduce another remote control into your home!

Benefits of cordless blinds

  • Ensure safety for children and pets
  • No cords that can create a cluttered look
  • Shades and blinds are held securely in all positions
  • Provide easy-to-use privacy and light control features

Even if you don't have a child or a pet in your home, you may want to opt for cordless blinds for the look they provide. These window coverings look clean and elegant and will fit perfectly into rooms with a contemporary or modern decor.

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