Cougar Ridge Is Not Full of Cougars!

Posted by on Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012 at 2:14pm.

If you're looking for the cougars in Cougar Ridge it's going to take you quite a while to find them. Cougars aren't regular guests in the area. Cougars actually like to make their homes on ledges, not ridges, so you're safe to settle in this homey community.

Calgary Area Cougars

When you're looking for cougars in Calgary the only ones you'll find easily are the MRU Cougars. This basketball team wears the proud cougar name but there are no cougars to be found on the basketball courts.

Although there are a reported 2000 cougars roaming around Calgary, they are rarely spotted. The last time a cougar was seen in Calgary was in September 2011 in the North Glenmore Park area. Maybe that cougar wasn't aware that Cougar Ridge even existed!

The Cougar Ridge Community

Cougars aside, this residential area sits on an embankment that overlooks the beautiful rolling hills of Calgary. It's a newer community with homes first being built in 2001. Since that time, there has been quick growth. With easy access to the downtown core, a close proximity to the Rockies and beautiful natural surroundings, Cougar Ridge Calgary is the place to be.

Schools in the area include the Calgary Waldorf School and the Calgary French and International School. For outdoor enthusiasts there are ski jumps nearby, an endless supply of hiking trails, baseball diamonds and much more. People that are interested in staying connected to nature will love the wetlands area full of diverse bird species and plant life.

The Paskapoo Slopes

This is a part of the Cougar Ridge Community that is full of historical significance. There are currently 49 significant native archaeological sites that have been identified including sweat pits, campsites and killsites. Bison used to be corralled into the slopes and there are a series of kill camps along the slopes.

While this area is definitely a prime territory for nature lovers, it does not necessarily include cougars. There is no reason to be afraid of this area simply due to its name. The title "Cougar Ridge" simply adds to the excitement of living in this community!

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