Creating a Spacious Backyard for a Faster Home Sale

Posted by on Monday, February 23rd, 2015 at 9:46pm.

Many buyers want a large backyard that is spacious and provides a lot of room for play. While the backyard may not be at the very top of the list of things that people look for when shopping for a home, like the kitchen for instance, it can still play a major factor in the value of your home.

Having a clean backyard is always a plus as well. Personal items, toys and other backyard furniture should be neat and set up to create a visually appealing yard. A clean backyard means that a home buyer is able to visualize what they could do with the space and it can even make the difference between closing a deal or not.

Backyard potential

Having a large backyard can be a big plus. Many people are looking for space in the back of the house for their kids, pets and for entertaining. Also, buyers could want the space for creating a patio, deck, pool or a lounging area. Others may be interested in building a back porch or an addition to make their house larger and more spacious.

Not everyone is looking for a large backyard though. Big backyards mean more area for leaves to fall and more upkeep. Some home buyers are looking for a Calgary home with a smaller yard in the back with low maintenance.

Shade in the backyard

Another factor to consider is shade. While many people enjoy spending a beautiful summer day in Calgary on the deck of a pool under an umbrella, not everyone has the luxury of owning a pool. A large tree in the backyard can achieve the same shading effect.

Having shade can be beneficial but there is also a downfall. Having too much shade blocks the sun’s rays and many plants cannot grow when there is a lack of sunlight. The best thing to do is to trim the hedges, branches and other shrubbery that provide shade to create a perfect balance. Having a place to escape when the sun gets too hot is good as long as it does not envelop the entire yard.

Keep your backyard neat and tidy when your home is on the market. Sometimes the back yard will make the sale especially if a potential buyer is looking for a place for a young family to grow.

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