Do you want to Create a Great Hobby Room?

Posted by Justin Havre on Monday, April 20th, 2015 at 10:40am.


You can’t beat having an area of the house that is just for you. When you want to relax and indulge in your favourite “me” time activity like playing an instrument or sewing, sometimes the office, bedroom or living room won’t cut it. Whatever your hobby might be, it’s so beneficial to create a room that can be dedicated to your craft.

Some people just want room for a home gym so that they can skip the commute to the gym while others want a place to call their art studio. New homes are being designed to incorporate these specific needs so before you design your home, make sure your hobby room is planned out in advance.

Sound proofing

Keep in mind that whatever your hobby is, you may want to make the room soundproof so as to not disturb others in your house or the neighbours. Consider heavy interior insulation for sound absorption. This is especially important for those that want to practice a musical instrument.

Work space

Regardless of the hobby, you’ll need something to work on as your work space. Usually a desk will do the job. Design the room about this desk by making it the main focus point. Choose a style, color and size that work best for the hobby and for the room. Then, you can get chairs, a table and décor to work with your desk.

Walls & Floor

Paint the room to inspire creativity and productivity. Paint colours like white, yellow and red are great because red is energizing, white and yellow will bring happiness while green might make you feel focused. For the floor, consider if your hobby will require protective coverings and if it will need to be easily cleaned. An artist might want vinyl flooring. Consider putting a rug in there that is easy to clean.

Finally, make sure your hobby room has room for storage and organization. Install cabinets, shelves, and purchase storage bins. This will help keep your room clutter free and ready for working.

Whether you want to crochet, start a band or make a home gym, keep this tips in mind when you build a home so that your hobby room has the basics to promote creativity and productivity.

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