Does the Colour of Your House Really Matter When Selling?

Home Colors to SellWhen it's time to sell a house there are a lot of things to consider. One of those is the colour of the paint, both inside and outside. When people pull up to a home, the first thing they see is the colour, and when they go inside, they want something that's move-in ready. If the house is painted in bright, bold colours, or if it doesn't provide the buyers with something they can see themselves living in, they may choose another house instead. If the color of the house stands out against the rest of the neighbourhood, choosing to repaint the house before selling it may be necessary for a faster sale and a higher price.

What Do Buyers Expect to See?

Buyers expect to see a house that goes well with the neighbourhood in which it's located. They want a colour that makes sense in relation to the other houses around it, and they also want a house they can move into without feeling like they have to paint it before they can move their things inside. There are always buyers who will choose fixer-upper houses, but for the majority of people purchasing a home, move-in ready is the ideal. Sellers want to please buyers, and if the colour of the house's interior or exterior is too radical, there's less chance of getting a good sale price and moving the house quickly.

How Much Effect Does Curb Appeal Have?

Curb appeal is highly effective in getting buyers in the door of any house. Even homes that need work inside may sell more quickly if the outside looks great. That's because buyers pull up in front of a house and see something beautiful, so they instantly appreciate the idea that they could live there and enjoy that view every day when they come home. But when a house is an odd colour or the paint is eccentric or worn, buyers automatically see that they will have to paint the outside of the house before they could really like it. That can set the tone for viewing the house's interior, reducing the chance of a sale.

Is It Worth Changing the Colour?

In many cases, it's worth changing the colour of the house, inside and outside, if there are paint colours that are non-standard or if they paint is old, dull, or faded. A fresh, clean paint job in a neutral colour for the inside and a colour that fits the neighbourhood on the outside goes a long way toward keeping buyers interested in what a house has to offer. If a home has a good colour palette already, though, and if the paint is new and clean, the seller would likely be better off to leave the colour the way it is.

Should the Seller Offer a Painting Allowance?

Homes that are badly in need of painting may also come with painting allowances. Essentially, those are the seller saying that they don't want to paint the home but they realize painting is needed, so they will pay for some of the painting by giving the seller money back at closing or money off of the total sales price. If you decide to do this, be sure it's in the listing so buyers know it's being offered. That can help keep them from passing up the listing because of the current paint colours.

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