Find Out What Calgary Home Buyers May Be Thinking

Posted by on Monday, October 20th, 2014 at 9:01pm.

If you have put your house on the market the first thing you have to do is step into other people’s shoes to try to figure out what home buyers are looking for. Once you have nailed this, you'll be off to the races. When you know what people are looking for and you can offer it to them, you have a much better chance of selling your home much faster.

1. Think like a buyer

To effectively examine what home buyers may be thinking, clear your mind and imagine yourself as one. Visit one of your friend’s homes and look at it from a buying perspective. Would you purchase the home if you were looking for a new place?

One of the first things you’ll probably notice is the clutter in the home. Even a few children's toys left around and some dirty dishes still on the table will affect you. Once you see for yourself exactly how buyers will be looking at your home, you'll be able to address the problem in your own house. While it may be difficult to keep your home de-cluttered and clean all the time, you'll need to do your best since you never know when the doorbell can ring with a prospective buyer that is just driving around the neighbourhood.

2. Act like a buyer

What are home buyers going to do when they see your home? Many clients will open and close all of the doors including doors to the closet to make sure that they open and shut correctly. They may also do this with your kitchen drawers and any drawers in your bathroom. Some may even stick their head over your sink and try to look down your drain!

When you are thinking like a home buyer try to act like one as well.  Go through your home and poke and prod like you've never done before.  You may find that you have gotten used to some of the things in your home that others will observe as being out of place.

By doing the above steps you'll be able to isolate what buyers are thinking and how they will act.  This way you can prepare for viewings do the small necessary repairs around your house.

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