For the People That Constantly Lose Their Keys and TV Remotes

Posted by on Monday, March 4th, 2013 at 8:59pm.

It's happening across the city of Calgary and across the country of Canada. Every day people are scurrying at the last minute to find their keys so that they won't be late for work. Other desperate people are lifting up the cushions on their couch searching for that elusive TV remote control that seems to have legs of its own and walks away at the most inopportune moments. Finally, there is a solution available in the form of a sticker that helps you track down your missing electronic gadgets and car keys that constantly and mysteriously disappear from view.

This new wonder is being presented by Stick-N-Find Technologies; a company is based in Florida. The stickers were shown at the largest trade show for cell phones in Barcelona Spain recently and it looks like they are going to be a hit.

These new stickers use a technology called Bluetooth Low Energy. This allows the stickers to be extremely small and powered by a tiny battery that can stay charged up to 2 years without needing additional recharging.

Under normal conditions the lost object can be found when it's as far away as 300 feet. If there is a lot of airwave disturbance in the area the distance can be a lot less.

There are only a few types of devices that can work with the stickers including the latest iPads, iPod Touches, high-end Smartphones by Samsung and the last 2 iPhones introduced to the market.

The downside to this whole thing is you won't be able to know exactly where the item is located since it will only let you know the distance you are from it. This means that you'll be playing a game of colder and hotter in order to trace it down. It works well though, and for people that are constantly losing their keys, remote controls and other small objects, it just may be exactly what they need to cut down on the amount of frustration in their lives.

You can purchase 2 stickers for $50 or 4 for $65. Is this an investment that would be worth it for you? If not, it would definitely make a great gift for the right person!

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