Have You Had a Chance to Visit Cochrane Lately?

Posted by on Friday, September 26th, 2014 at 9:01pm.

It's a small community on the northwest side of Calgary and it has been receiving a lot of attention lately. As one of the surrounding towns, Cochrane is seeing steady growth as Calgary continues to expand. Many people that want to be close to the big city but don't like the idea of living in it are turning to Cochrane.

A lot of growth has been taking place in this town for many years and as a result the town continues to expand its amenities. Many communities are under construction around the town, especially to the south and the north, and recently a Wal-Mart has been introduced. Some of the newest communities include Sunset Ridge, River Heights, Fireside and Riversong.

The latest population census shows that 20,700 people are calling this town their home. It has a small town feeling to it even though it's located so close to a metropolitan centre. It's important to many residents that this atmosphere be maintained since Cochrane acts as a type of sanctuary for them. It’s the place to go for people that really don't want to confront the hustle and bustle of big city life.

With so many people streaming into Calgary this year and last year, it's not surprising to see Cochrane booming as well. Newcomers to the city and long-term Calgary residents are both looking at Cochrane real estate as an affordable option. With the rising house prices in Calgary, many people are choosing to settle in the bedroom communities instead. The average price for a home in Cochrane in July was $432,509.

Builders and developers are keeping up with the needs of homebuyers and the resale market is balanced in this town. If you're looking for an alternative to city life or just need more affordable housing options, Cochrane is one of the most popular go-to towns around Calgary. If you haven't seen it lately, take a drive out there this weekend. You'll be amazed to see the growth mixed with the hometown kind of experience.

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