How can you Create a Networked Home?

Posted by Justin Havre on Thursday, March 5th, 2015 at 10:01am.

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Smart homes are becoming much more normal than they were a few years ago. No longer do you need to put jacks for your cable or telephone in every room. Today, the modern home provides a networked home with automation for just about everything. Here's how you can transform your home into a networked home.

Wireless Connection

The networked home starts with a robust wireless connection for every room. You may also want Wi-Fi to extend to the outdoor recreational areas. This will allow you to use a laptop, tablet or other type of device anywhere in and around your home on a secure network.

Even with Wi-Fi, you will need a prewired Ethernet cable. This cable needs to allow the router to provide strong coverage to the entire house. You can also use Wi-Fi booster to make the connection even better in some rooms.

Adding your Devices

If you plan to use a home entertainment system, you may want the Ethernet cable installed near this device. Even though your TV may have Wi-Fi capabilities, a wired connection will provide the best option for quality and buffering. You may want to connect the TV to the network through a wired connect.

You can use the network for everything else, however. The speakers can be set up wirelessly with a digital audio system. It's even possible to connect your system so that you can play different music in each room of the house.

Automating the Rest of your Home

When you set up a networked home, you can automate just about everything. With on-wall touchscreens or programs turning your smartphone or tablet into a touch remote, you can automate your HVAC, security and lighting.

There are many good reasons to create a networked home. You can get the most out of your home automation with the right network set up throughout your entire home.

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