How Cats and Dogs Can Influence the Value of Your Home

Posted by on Thursday, September 25th, 2014 at 9:01pm.

There's no denying that dogs and cats can definitely leave their own marks on a home. As a pet owner, you can put up with the minor damage and odours that a pet presents. Others, however, such as future potential home buyers, may not be as forgiving when it comes to the overall impact that pets can make on a home.

Being a pet owner definitely comes with both pros and cons. On the one side, your pet probably gives you a lot of love and companionship. On the other hand, you are taking on a lot of responsibility by owning an animal. You are also introducing certain types of germs and bacteria into the home as a pet owner.

Allowing a dog into your home, for example, means also allowing a multitude of dog-associated bacteria into your home as well. Some of these germs can have a direct impact on humans. There are research studies though that suggest that this isn't necessarily all bad. Some research shows that people living in a home with a dog may be less prone to getting allergenic diseases.

When it comes time to sell your home, you need to remember that the people viewing your property aren't necessarily going to be pet lovers. As well, although you probably can't notice it because you've become accustomed to it, the smell in your home may be off. It's incredible to see a non-pet owner looking at a home and instantly picking up the smell of an animal.

For this reason it's vitally important that you thoroughly clean and vacuum your home prior to any showings. It's best to have a place where you can transport your dog or cat when you are expecting a potential buyer to arrive at your door. If your pet has been known to have accidents around the house, you should call in a professional carpet cleaning company to handle any stains and neutralize the odors.

If you aren't sure how badly your carpets or floors have been affected by these accidents, you can purchase a black light to look for urine stains. You may be surprised to see old stains from years ago coming to light.

Pets can add a lot to a family and for most people it's worth the extra effort. In some cases you should also be prepared to see a slight devaluation of your home if you've had pets roaming through the house for quite some time.

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