How did Doors Open Land in Calgary

Posted by on Tuesday, November 10th, 2015 at 12:11pm.

In case you don't know; Open Doors Calgary is an international concept giving individuals access to buildings in the city to create excitement for the architecture and heritage of the town. The tours will include a viewing of areas normally closed to the public. This has become a legacy event whether you are an art or history enthusiast, or sports fanatic; it will be an enjoyed event.

The model was created by the Scots/Glaswegians in 1990 and circulated/exported to Continental Europe. The first event, Doors Open, was held in Toronto, Canada in 2000. In 2012, the current version was launched for the city's turn as Canada's Cultural Capital.

Its annual presentation is concurrent with the Alberta Culture Days as an independent event. It has a ten-member board of directors and run as a non-profit society. The board's president stated it as being a storytelling event to provide a sense of civic engagement with the tours. It allows the residents of Calgary to feel empowered and view the city differently with an inspiration of pride.

If you want to volunteer, many positions are available including site greeters (2 per shift, per site) or up to 20 positions for a collection/distribution team. Please go online and sign up for the newsletter for Doors Open. The event improves each year; as of last year over 43 sites were present with over 200 volunteers. This circulated over 10,000 visitors that got an inside peek of Calgary's continuing story.

Be a part of this gala event in 2016 by visiting the online site and registering. You will be contacted by a representative in the spring. What better way to start a new year? A team of consultants provide professional support for design, marketing, bookkeeping, copy-writing, volunteers, and the program organization. You will be inspired by the dedication given to Doors Open and will definitely want to be a part of its presentation.

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