How Digital Media is Influencing Home Sales

Posted by on Friday, January 11th, 2013 at 3:57pm.

The National Real Estate Association along with Google have been working together to find out more information about home shoppers and how they use digital media to look for an apartment, a home that has been newly constructed or an existing home. A new report has been released showing some interesting facts about the importance of the Internet when it comes to shopping for a new home.

According to the report, 90% of the people buying a new home used the Internet to browse through the properties in their home search. With more and more people using their computer in order to hunt down the house of their dreams, the number of related searches increased 253% over the last four years on

Potential buyers are heading online to not only search for homes but to read through online reviews as well. A lot of people have found that YouTube and other videos also helped with their home searching project.

Searchers were particularly interested in gathering information about specific segments in the housing market such as foreclosures and senior housing available. Also popular on the search were tips for first-time buyers.

Looking for a home has never been easier than it is now. In the past you had to visit your real estate agent's office and pour through different photos in order to get a good idea of the homes you would like to see. Either that or the agent would set up a date to drive around and look at the homes that he chose according to your specific requirements.

Now looking for the right home is as easy as viewing the MLS® listings online through a local real estate agent’s website and then contacting the agent directly to ask further questions about a home. This cuts down on a lot of time and energy for both the buyer, seller and the agent and in today's marketplace many homes can instantly sell themselves on the Internet.

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