How to Choose the Right Colours for Your Home

Posted by Justin Havre on Monday, March 16th, 2015 at 9:06am.

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It can be challenging to choose a colour scheme for your new home. Do you choose something shocking and bold? Do you choose something plain like white? Do you choose your favourite colours right now that you may not like later?

Regardless of what you choose, colours are going to have an impact on your home’s personality and effect on your on a daily basis. The colours you choose will define your home’s look. If you’re building a home, this gives you endless options on colour choices but those that are purchasing a resale home will get whatever the former owner had chosen. Here is a guide to choosing your home’s colours.

Where to begin

When choosing outdoor colours, it’s wise to choose colours that will make your home feel a part of the community and aesthetically pleasing to most people. Most communities are going to have guidelines on what colours are acceptable and many times builders won’t give free reign to choose whatever colour a buyer wants. Builders typically work with the developer or master-planned community which put restrictions on exterior colour choices.

Interior Colours

Inside your home, you’re going to be left with endless possibilities unless you are working with a custom house which typically offers a limited number of pre-determined colour packages to choose from. On your new home whether you choose from a coordinated scheme or choose a la carte, buyers can get overwhelmed easily.

Check out home improvement websites, home improvement TV shows and home products manufacturers’ surveys to get an idea on the current trends and what colours work well together. Your best bet is to go with what is current and trending.

What’s trending?

Recently years have shown a trend of styles with golds, rusty copper colours and purples blended together. This has given way to a cleaner collaboration offering more contrast using grey or cream tones next to red brick. Modern, classic and simple is in while heavy old-world is out.

When you get a home that is painted, it’s going to have basics and neutrals typically. You can usually choose upgrades on a custom built home for no charge. Avoid bright vivid colours because colour is very subjective and you may prefer something more neutral at move in.

Choosing a bold or bright colour over a neutral shade may require new furniture to match the walls as well as carpeting and window coverings to make the room work. Cabinets and countertops are expensive to replace later, so avoid anything too out of the ordinary.

New homebuyers should stick with neutrals and consider changing colours down the road when they have the money to potentially buy new room décor to accommodate their favourite colour.

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