How to Create the Man Cave of Your Dreams

Posted by on Friday, June 27th, 2014 at 9:01pm.

When it's time to create a man cave in your home the first thing that you should be considering is the man that needs it. His hobbies and interests should be reflected in this cave that will define his own personality.

Man caves are usually designed for the man of the house but lately these rooms have evolved into more of a public room where the family can also go. It's still not considered as a family room, however, since the man has the most say over the room. While the wife may want to choose the furniture, artwork and decor in the rest of the house, this cave allows the man to make the major decisions over the design of this room.

Creative a vacation room

When designing a man cave, think of a vacation room. This is the place where he will be able to go to get away from the stress of day-to-day life. It should be a relaxing area but you must also remember that relaxation to one man may be different to another. While one man may want to have a library of books in his cave, another may want a console and plenty of video games to relax with.

It should reflect hobbies and interests

If the man of the house has a special collection, it should be included in this room as should any sports memorabilia. This should be a relaxing cave that is surrounded by things that he loves the most.

Comfort first and foremost

Comfort should always be kept as a priority. For most men, they will want the room to feel comfortable and won't be as concerned about its looks. It will be function first when it comes to the man's cave and beauty second in most cases. The seating should be comfortable - even if it means that the 20-year-old recliner remains there for another 20 years.

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