How To Make Your New Calgary House Into A Home

Posted by on Thursday, August 9th, 2012 at 3:32pm.

There's no doubt that it takes some time and getting-used-to for a Calgary house to become a home. There's a warming up time period when you need to get acquainted with the ins and out of your new house. There are going to be a lot of new things to learn about your home and it may take some time.

Where are all of the closets? Why does this floorboard squeak? Who are the neighbors and will they accept my dog?

Hmm. It's a little bit like getting to know a new friend.

If you are changing homes you are also changing your memories. You'll be starting to build up new ones in this house of yours but you may not be ready for that switch yet. You may still be feeling some type of homesickness for your old house and might need some extra time to get used to the new house.

It is definitely going to smell different than the old one did. It will look, sound and feel different too. Sometimes it is assumed that different is bad and since the new home doesn't smell like the old one it can never be the same.

Of course, this is true. It never will be the same and will always be different - and that's okay. At some point you'll have room in your heart and memories for both of these houses.

Take it slowly when you first move into your new Calgary home and be prepared to take things one step at a time. You and your home need some time to get acquainted with each other and to understand each other's nuances.

So how do you make your new Calgary house into a home? Through patience, some time and a sprinkle of simple livingness. Once you begin creating those special memories you'll find that your house magically takes on the character of being a home.

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